Saturday, November 06, 2004


Breasts have got to be one of the best things about being a girl. Men, as lovely as they can oftentimes be, cannot truly appreciate the wonder of the female breasts. Nipples, nice as they are, and universal as they come, do not compare to the total wonder of the breast as a whole. Regardless of size, color, shape, firmness, or naturalness, the breast is a fascinating thing. 

One must understand that the breast of each woman is entirely unique. To say that like a snowflake "there are no two alike" might sound silly, but it is actually true. In reality, unless they have been surgically altered, breasts are not usually identical. Generally there can be anywhere from a minor difference to an extreme difference between the two breasts of any single woman. Really, the can be different.

Difference can range from the aureole, the coloring around a woman's nipple, to the actual texture of the breast, whether it is lumpy or smooth. To gauge these things I recommend studying a pair of breasts quite closely. Start farther away and actually look at the breasts. You may have always thought they were identical, but as you actually start to look you will be begin to see some minor differences.

Have your lovely assistant at the ready, or if you are experimenting with this on your own a mirror handy, and ask them to stand with their feet flat on the ground. Stand in a comfortable position, naturally, and allow the breasts to fall where they will. Begin by taking note of the obvious things that will be different. Look at the hang of the breasts. Unlike what Playboy might lead you to believe, breasts do not always hang evenly on the chest. One may be a bit lower then the other, one could be perkier while the other sags. Occasionally a breast will hang more to the left or right then it's partner; take note of which breast seems to be different, as this will be useful for further study later.

As with the penis not every breast is the same size or shape. Breasts come in a number of different sizes that are usually donated by cup size which can very from A to the ever popular DD and occasionally larger (although perhaps not comfortably larger). As some women will even tell you, from one breast to the other you can have a cup size variation, making shopping for bras a real pain the brassiere. The sizes will very from woman to woman, and nothing can predict what size breasts a girl will end up with. Perhaps you can recall a girl named Punky Brewster (real name Soleil Moon Frye) who was cursed with gigantomastia and had to have reduction surgery to make her set more manageable. In the end it is puberty and genes that will determine the size and shape of your breasts and there is no use trying to rush it if you are waiting. It will happen if it is going to happen, be patient.

The shape of breasts is also different from woman to woman. As with the penis which can very in shape from very straight to curved to tied in a knot (fairly rare), so does the breast have several variation for shape. Perhaps the most common and often the aesthetic ideal is the slightly rounded upper slope the works towards a point at the nipple, a general sort of cone shape with the nipple on top. Some breasts can be shaped like a J Starting with a gentle slope and then suddenly curving outwards. Some are like arrows very pointy and sharp, whereas other can be just round soft cushiony pillows that just beg to be laid upon. Never assume you know the shape of the breast, as bras are made to conform all breasts into what is considered a "natural" shape, generally fairly round and constrained. Once they are loose and free you will really begin to see what you have found. And now, onto some of the other fun aspects of a precocious pair. 

Notice the aureole. Perhaps the left is darker then the right. The coloring of the nipples is very rarely perfectly even and this may be the first thing you will notice as being different between the breasts. Some women tend to have very large aureole, others tend towards a smaller, and occasionally the coloring may be impossible to see from a distance, looking more like a man's nipple. Women with lighter skin can often times have very dark nipples, which my surprise many. The same is true of women with dark skin, it is hard to say what color the surrounding aureole will be until you just take of the bra and have a peak.

At this point, we come to one of the most interesting parts of the breast, which is something that men and women share. The nipples. Nipples, like the aureole, can also come in different shapes, colors and sizes and can vary from one breast to the other on the same women. But before you take a dive in for a closer look at those nipples let us discuss them in a little detail, as there may be some things you didn't know

Firstly, not all nipples harden immediately upon exposure. Women's nipples don't just automatically harden up and stand at attention for everything. I've met some girls who can come in out of the cold and have perfectly relaxed and tranquil nipples that will just fold easily into the breasts, leaving little more then a small crease. Other women have very sensitive breasts that will stand at attention all the time simply for the rub of the fabric. Sometimes the one nipple will be hard and the other soft, there are always differences.

The nipple is not the only part of the breast that will harden with excitement. In fact the entire aureole in some women will harden and fill with blood just as the penis. For men, arousal causes blood to head the penis, in women the blood flows to the breasts. If you have ever thought that during sex your girlfriend's breasts were actually bigger, you weren't hallucinating, they probably were. As women become excited the breasts fill with blood and expand, just as the penis does, making them more sensitive and causing a greater sense of arousal in women, as is also true of men upon seeing a lovely pair.

Size however, is not the topic at hand, as we are talking about the special erectile tissue around the nipple. Look at the nipples as the harden, and notice the hardening that also occurs around the aureole, you can actually watch as the area pricks and puckers up, becoming more sensitive to touch and stimulation. Now step back and examine again and you will notice that the erection of the nipples is also not identical between the two breasts. One nipple can be longer, firmer, and harder then the other when erect. In a sense, it's like having two penises of different size attached to the same body, and both want to do their own thing. It can be as fun as it is frustrating.

Now look at those nipples, and really, look with your eyes, which means put your hands down for a second, okay? Notice the shape of the nipple. The shape of a nipple is a wonderful magical thing, and again, differs from woman to woman, and occasionally from breast to breasts. Some nipples will be boxy and square and stand out a great distance from the breast. Some are very small when erect, presenting little pink pinpoints against a milky white expanse. Some are rounder, some shallow, and occasionally you can even have the inverted nipple which will not poke outwards at all, but like a innie belly-button, goes inward.

The colors of the nipple will also very, it can be the same as the surrounding aureole, or it can be darker or lighter, it really just depends on the breasts. You can have more coloring towards the bottom of the nipple and more of a faded whiteness towards the tip, or vice versa. It all depends on the breast and can easily be different between any two. In general, as with breast size the actual color of the nipples cannot be determined until you actually see them. Don't assume just because she is a fair haired blonde that she will have soft pink aureoles with light pointy pink nipples. Rather let yourself be in for a surprise. 

For your patience, is a reward, now you can pick up your hands and actually touch them. Don't grab, don't pull, and don't act like your handling grapefruits, as you would not want someone to manhandle your dick that way. Start first with one hand and gently cup and lift one breast and then the other. Notice the weight of the set in your hands. As with everything else the weight of the breast can vary between the set as it will between different women.

Actually the weight of breasts can shift depending on the time of month and the amount of arousal. Again, the filling of the breasts with blood will change the wait, as will a women's overall monthly cycle. The cycle of a woman will create several shifts in the breast. A woman who pays careful attention to her breasts can actually anticipate her point of highest fertility with a fair amount of accuracy, as the breast will become slightly larger, more sensitive to environmental conditions and often times darker when a woman is at her height for conception. This can be a handy thing to know if you would prefer to spend more time not being pregnant. Generally if you know your most "normal" time you can use that to compare difference in your breasts during the month that will hint at the other functions of your body.

Aside from weight, notice the texture of the breasts. This can also be different. One breast can be lumpier and feel more like dough with raisins in it, while the other may be smoother in texture, with less of a lumpy feel. Regardless of the many things you may thing you know, a woman's breast is lumpy. It all those lymph nodes and glands in there that create these natural and safe lumps. A bad lump is one that feels more like a rock or pebble, something hard that has no give, if you feel anything like that, go to a doctor A.S.A.P as that is generally a sign of something bad.

The texture, the weight, the size, the shape, the color, these are all things that make breasts pleasant interesting and fun to be around. As for handling these lovely things, well, again, that too can very from woman to woman and takes a certain amount of patience and attention on the part of the attendee to get it right.

A good rule of thumb here is again the penis analogy. If you wouldn't do it there, I don't recommend doing it to a breast. Biting with the teeth may seem like a good idea, but unless you know that is what a girl likes, you might want to start soft and see where it goes. For handling, I don't recommend squeezing or rotating the nipples like radio dials, as this can be painful, leave bruises, and frequently is just downright unappealing. The light touch, gentle kissing, sucking, rubbing, with a bit of experimentation and an awareness to the reaction it produces, are good starting points that can lead to great things.

However, again, keep in mind that as with all penises, not all breast are equally sensitive or identically reactive to the same thing. The gentle squeeze, followed by a quick pull outwards, and then pressing inwards that will drive one woman to orgasm my cause another to turn on the lights and ask you to leave. A quick flick of the tongue followed by a nip of your teeth might seem divine to your first girlfriend, but could leave your next cold. Listen to the breasts, let them show you and tell you what they want, let them be your guide and don't try to draw a map of uniformity onto them. In the end it will be a better experience all around.

For the finale let me introduce you to yet one more interesting and fascinating aspect of the breasts. Like the clitoris proper handling of the breast as a whole can be enough to bring a woman to an orgasm. In most women this can be a difficult, and sometimes, impossible task, as many women are actually uncomfortable with their own breasts. The trick to this is really allowing yourself to relax and enjoying the pleasure that your breast can give you.

Again, care and attention must be paid to where the breast is the most sensitive. It is not always the nipple that is the best area to stimulate, again, the erectile tissue encompasses the nipple and areole, and sometimes a bit further outward. Experiment with the entire area until you find just the right spot to give attention too. Try pressing gently with your fingers and tongue, sucking, and rubbing all the areas around the nipple and work outward until you hit upon what I like to think of as the allusive b-sport. It may take some time, but it is worth the effort and hard work.

So remember the next time you see what you might like to refer to as the perfect rack, that breasts really are strange and unique things that deserve more appreciation then just a mere ogle or manhandling. The need to be appreciated, respected and loved as something wonderfully given to girls that deserve attention, care, and repeated visitation, until all nooks, crannies, and avenues are fully explored. Everyone is different, so allow your natural curiosity and fascination flow, and your cups will run over with new found respect.