Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Apartments on the Horizon

We last attended our wayward apartment hunters as they exected the thrashing throws of one agenst car, now let's catch up with them in the latest installment of ....

Fearless Korean Apartment Hunters.....bwah, ha...ahem....where was I, oh yes....

We walked away and were standing outside a subways stop so descended for a bit as the Boy started pouring over ads in a local paper, and I called Ms. Chae, my sort of contact teacher at the University and asked if she could possibly help us by finding the number of some real-estate agents. Okay, I’ll be honest, I might have been a bit overdramatic in my phone call to Ms. Chae lamenting both the weather and the foul luck with finding open realtors in a sad pathetic phone call where my voice was sufficiently warbly enough that one might have thought I was about to burst into tears. I was wet and cold, and horribly frustrated, as was the Boy, and while I was not on the verge of tears I was certainly at the end of my wits. Ms. Chae offered to come drive to my rescue and help to continue the hunt, but I tried to asked her not to waste her Friday afternoon on such silliness. If she could just please help with the finding of an agent.

She said she would and I went back to sitting and sulking by the Boy hoping that magically an apartment would just fall out of the sky. A few minutes later my phone rang again and it was Ms. Chae and she was coming to get us. At the the Boye time the Boy had managed to call a realtor and we were on our way out of the subway station to meet the realtor. Ms. Chae showed up, the realtor did not. Ms. Chae packed us into her car, and I gave up in frustration and we began to head back towards the dorm. And then the phone rang.

The ringing phone was in fact the realtor that had actually appeared out of the mist earlier that day. I knew it was a Korean and at this point, level of frustration, dampness, and irritability I asked Ms. Chae if she could take the call and find out what it was all about. Not realizing at this point that it was in fact the realtor from earlier that day. She talked for a few minutes and asked if we had seen a realtor and had we seen some apartments, to which I answered yes, and then she informed that the realtor had a few more openings to show us if we had time.

I looked at the Boy and he gave his best “why not” shrug so  Ms. Chae made arrangements for us to meet the realtor. We pulled off the road, having been driving this whole time with the intent of going to the door, and waited for the smallish car caring a realtor to arrive, which it did in about five minutes. We drove around the corner and down the street from where we had parked to the first place he had to show us on this second trip.

We walked into the rather oddly shaped little building with some trees out front and up the short stair to the apartment 101. He opened the door to show a large big rectangle of a room with a little white porch. I looked in and for some reason was just smitten with the place. It is indeed a large rectangular place, with a sun porch off to directly opposite the door. There was a smallish kitchen towards the back a small utility closet. It had a cozy little bathroom, with a sink/shower combo, and was tiled in pink with flowers, and had a white sink. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I didn’t really poke around it that much, but I was fairly happy with it.

Ms. Chae didn’t like it so much, and the realtor had a second place to show us, so we ended up leaving and heading of to the second place which was just around the corner a bit and up the street. This was a third floor apartment that of the four we had seen that day was probably the most modern. It technically had two rooms, though the first room was actually the kitchen which one walked directly into upon entering the apartment. The second room was a very small bedroom off to the left. The apartment had a laundry closet and a larger bathroom, but still with the shower sink combo. The bath was blue. It was also very dirty as it had not yet been cleaned since the previous tenant had vacated. I didn’t like it at all. I looked out the single bedroom window onto a dirty ally and I didn’t like it. The realtor, trying to sell the place further mentioned that it got plenty of light at night.

I don’t know what it is that promotes this belief that it is better to sleep in the light then the dark. One of the annoying features of the girl’s dorm was the fact that no matter what time of day or night it was there was always a pre dawn, afternoon sunset light in the room. Nothing made the light go away, and I was getting horrible sleep because of it. I was not happy about the constant light. While I appreciated that the realtor was trying to sell the room, he was going about it all the wrong way for me. Ms. Chae however was smitten, and while the realtor was not a very aggressive pushy Korean gent he was having enough of an affect, and the day had dragged on so long, that I relented and said, fine, I’d take this apartment (which I secretly loathed) and we were off to the office to sign papers.

A second downside of apartment number two was the cost. The junsay was still a bit higher then I wanted to pay and the monthly was 360, which was 60 more then the middle school would be able to cover. I was not happy, but I kept thinking, at least I have an apartment and will be out of the dorm. We drove to the realtor’s office which was just around the corner from the apartment, and sat. I handed the Boy my bank card so he could go collect various amounts of funds while I looked over papers and got them translated. Then the phone rang.

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