Sunday, February 12, 2006

Entering Eden

Now that I have managed to land myself an apartment in Eden I had some other minor things that needed to be done, like, oh, furnishing the place.

So with that happy news in my head I wandered down the street knowing that Chilsung market, the largest furniture market in Daegu, was not that far away. It is about four blocks all together from here to there, and I arrived in no time and started poking away and looking at furniture. Since then I have decided that buying furniture for an empty apartment is similar to shopping for groceries on an empty stomach, often unwise but very difficult to avoid. I started poking into shops and asking for prices, and just generally looking around. I saw some things I wanted and many I didn’t.

I found prices to high, and some too low, and some that were just outrages. The first thing I found that I really wanted as a little wooden folding table. The table was white, made of wood and had the world’s cleverest design for a folding table. I can’t really describe it or I would, but it really was cute. It also had a little matching folding bench, and I was quite taken with it. I asked the seller how much it was and he looked at me, looked at the table and quoted me the price of about 70 dollars. I asked if it was a set, and he said, no, that’s just the table. I was a little annoyed. I may be a waygook, but I did not just fall off the plane and land in Daegu.

So I walked out and further down the street and was seduced rather unexpectedly into a store that had the prettiest red velvet chair that I still want, and still refuse to pay that much money for. But it is lovely. It was lovely enough to keep me wandering around in the store for a bit and checking prices on various things when I had an idea. I asked the seller if he had any folding tables. He said no, but grabbed my arm and pulled me to the back of the store and started flipping through a catalog. There on some page or other was the very the Boye table that I had spied just a few moments earlier. I asked how much it as. He quoted me a price that was about twenty dollars lower then the previous Realtor, and this included the chairs.

I explained to him that I had just been to a store where someone else had tried to sell me the the Boye for quite a bit more and he seemed none too surprised. I decided I liked this seller. He was a young, generally friendly Korean chap, and spoke not a word of English. He was actually a little surprised, and potentially terrified when I first walked into the shop, but when I started asking about things in Korean he relaxed visibly. I knew just enough Korean to do what I wanted in this particular situation, so all would be okay I figured. Since I liked him, I decided to get my furniture there. Fortunately his selected also ranged from everything to everything else, so I picked up the folding table set, a desk, and a couple of ottoman’s (better for sitting, more economical, and  more space worthy then more chairs) and called it a night.

After making up the big order I sat down with him for a bit and then went through the process of explaining that I needed it all delivered, to where, and when. This was accomplished with the use of the handy dandy card with my address, a calendar, my phone number, and a small deposit so he would know that it was really okay. I went very happily on my way home to the dorm and did something which I immediately forgot about, because now I realized I needed to get a bed.

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