Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Hunt for Sleep Continues

After leaving the mattress Mafioso with his incredibly hard beds....Hyun and I moved on to continue to hunt for the wily mattress......
Fortunately, like most things in Korea, there were several shops that sold beds all grouped together, and the next shop on the list to be tried was the neighbor of the shop we were exiting. We walked into the new store and as soon as I walked in the door I saw what I wanted. I had a vague idea of what I was looking for, in no small part thanks to  Mel P and her fabulous Obelisk officetel. On the few occasions that I had spent the night there she had pulled out these wonderful floor mattresses made of some kind of texture fitting material that was very nice to sleep on. I knew that if I was going to be buying my own bed I wanted something that would be along those lines, comfortable, and soft, but still very bed-like. It is a bit difficult to describe. As we walked into the second bed shop though, I could see what I wanted and I knew that it was it, now it was just a matter of getting the bed.

I wish I could put into words how wonderfully comfortable and squishy the bed is, while still being a bed that is good for the back and other sore parts. Having had my fair share of problems with Korean beds, it seemed odd to find a bed that could be so insanely comfortable in Korea. I was thrilled that it was not only findable but conveniently located very near my apartment which meant that it would be easy to get it home and get all kinds of settled in.

Hyun seemed rather amused that I wanted the first bed I saw walking in the door and while we did end up walking around the shop and looking at several of the other beds in the end I had already made up my mind on the one I wanted. I decided on getting a bed frame, figured might as well, and spent some time flipping through catalogs to find a frame that suited me. In the end I got the bed I wanted for about what I wanted to spend so it all worked out well. Hyun worked it out with the owner to make sure the bed would be delivered to my new apartment and the date was set for Friday. The week was looking up. Hyun asked if there was anything else I needed and I mentioned that I’d like to get a fridge and tv, and so we went to another used wholesale part of the market and found both in less then ten minutes and had them delivered in about five more. Hyun and I made arrangements for me to drop by the bar later and pick out a microwave and a stove, since I also needed to acquire these.

Everything was looking up. the Boy came over and we went and found a tape measure so I could go and look at some other things that I might want in the way of furniture and make sure it was the size I specifically wanted. I went back to my furniture guy and added a bookshelf and a desk chair to my order and changed the date of delivery for Friday. I figured, hey if the bed is coming why not everything, it will be easier. So on Friday afternoon I was looking at a very busy day of getting stuff delivered.

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