Thursday, March 02, 2006

Home Shopping

Now with a bed....I must furnish said apartment...
I went to school and taught my classes as usual, and tried not to be too excited about moving out of the increasingly purgatorial dormitory. Owe how I was starting to loathe that single room. I was so happy that I would soon be able to get as far away from it as humanly possible, and realized that I needed to pack up a bit. I hadn’t really unpacked all that much, but I did need to put the few things I had taken out of boxes back into boxes to make moving when I did that much easier. I also realized that somehow I was going to need to schedule a porter truck to move my varied odds and ends across town and was not sure exactly how to figure that out, but figured I could get Hyun to help.

On Friday afternoon I did some of my favorite activities including the fish game. The fish game is always a winner. The fish game involves a couple of children’s fishing poles with magnets at the end. The magnets are used to pick up fish. The fish have pieces of tacky on them and tacky is a wonderfully reusable sticking material that is like silly puddy. On the tacky are riddles that relate to the content that students have been reviewing. In teams the students catch a fish, figure out what the riddle is, draw a picture and write the name, then tell me the answer. If they get the answer right they get to go fishing. It’s always fun, and I’m happy to be able to have that much fun with a class. It’s also an excellent way to build critical thinking skills why providing access to previously acquired vocabulary, something I also enjoy doing. The fish game would have gone better if it had not been for all the phone calls.

The phone calls were from the various movers trying to find out if it would be okay for them to come a bit earlier and deliver stuff. After the first three which I ignored I figured it might be time to answer the phone even though I was in class. Fortunately I was able to put most of this off until the next available break time at which point I enlisted the help of some enterprising students who fortunately spoke perfect Korean, to explain to people what I needed. Everything was set, and after the last fish of the day had been caught and hung out to dry I was out the door, racing to a cab so I could get to my apartment post haste for the deliveries. the Boy was also meeting me at some point that afternoon to help with the deliveries, but for the most part I was on my own.

While waiting I plugged in the TV happy to discover I had cable and tried to figure out how to turn on the heat. I was not having too much luck with the heat, when suddenly my phone rang. It was furniture guy number one who had everything ready but was having a little trouble finding the place. Surprisingly he spoke fairly decent English so I was able to help him figure out how to get to my apartment without to much trouble. He arrived a few seconds later and started unpacking and unwrapping things for me, and then putting everything where I wanted it to go, which made me very happy, if making me feel somewhat pointless. Everything was done in a matter of minutes and he was out the door. I sat down in my new chair to watch some TV while waiting for the bed guy. My phone rang again and it was the bed guy telling me he would be late. I said that was no problem and waited, but after an hour he still couldn’t find the place.

He did not speak much English so I directed him to the nearest big landmark which he understood. I explained I would meet him there, and went out to stand on a street corner and flag him down. I noticed, at one point, a bed guy driving by while standing on said corner, but the bed guy did not stop. I would swear the the Boye bed drove by again a few minutes later. Then again. Then again. Then I realized this was my bed guy and while I had mentioned that I was a waygook either he was more confused then I imagined, or my Korean was getting worse. On his seventh pass of the day I waved and he suddenly turned down the street and ask “You bed?”, which I said yes too, and then walked him down the street to my apartment.