Sunday, January 14, 2007

Communication is Important

Communication is important

Me: Yes? Hello, this is Sara.

Them: We need a favor

Me: Sure, what's that?

Them: We need some plans.

Me: Okay, no problem, how many do you need?

Them: About five.

Me: Sure, can do, when do you need those?

Them: Maybe you don't understand. We need five.

Me: Right, five, sure, I can do that, when do you need them?

Them: No, no, we need five from each level.

Me: Uh (calculating) you need 20 plans?

Them: No.

Me: Okay. What do you need?

Them: (Imagine a list of things that includes pretty much everything that could be imagined)

Me: Okaaaay…Well, when you do you need this done by and please don't say tomorrow.

Them: Tomorrow.

Me: Right, okay, I can't do that.

Them: Oh, yes, and I forgot some thing.

Me: What did you forget?

Them: (Add kitchen sink and first born)

Me: Right. Yes, okay, well when do you need all of this?

Them: Tomorrow.

Me: Okay, I can't do this by tomorrow.

Them: So you can have it done tomorrow?

Me: No.

Them: When can you have it done?

Me: Next week, maybe on Friday.

Them: Oh, no, we need to turn it in this Friday.

Me: Right, well uh….?

Them: Oh, I forgot something else.

Me: Right. What else?

Them: (Arm and leg, I should have known better then to ask)

Me: I won't be finished tomorrow.

Them: Excellent see you tomorrow. Click.

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