Sunday, January 14, 2007

Korean Stories

As I am continuing with the stories I already wrote up, here is more of what has been happening in Korea....

Since I put Inju in there first, I suppose I can begin there. Inju is my friend, fellow artists, and co-conspirator from New York who crash landed in Korea for a month of teaching at her father's school and hanging out or being busy depending on who you asked. We spent some time while she was here trying to get me acquainted with silk screening which I'm very interested in. We did successfully complete one sweat drenched night of screaming at the studio. This helped us to learn that the art studio during the full on summer heat is a very uncomfortable place to be. So uncomfortable in fact that it was charted on at least two different occasions of having a temperature that was over 100 degrees for you who live in backwards countries where Fahrenheit is still in vogue. Those of us over here know it got between 36 and 40 degrees up there and that was something. We are lucky the art did not melt off the walls considering.
Inju had a second far more successful night of printing without me due to a miscommunication somehow, which turned out some really interesting prints. I've since then taken a few of the prints and further painted on top of them creating further interesting effects. I'm looking forward to doing more work with this medium and will update my art website eventually with more prints. The most recent update occurred before the last art show which was in May so I'm about due to update the site. Inju also managed to finish some very nice shooting for a video project she is working on which I somehow failed to get videoed for, and also a voice project which due to inebriation also managed to fall by the wayside. However we did have many a good night sitting up, talking about art, hanging, chilling, dog watching, movie watching and the like, and it was in the end all good fun.
Among the fun of having Inju come to visit was being able to spend a bit more time with Haju, who I had met about two years ago when she worked as a bar girl at the regular bar. Haju had since gone to college and India for a bit, but had been back in Korea for at least a year. However running into her was always sporadic because I did not know where she was spending her evenings. On a night while Inju was here she ran into Haju and the next thing I know Inju and Haju are running into me at my apartment. This would have worked out better if I had not been running out of my apartment to run to work, but the girls stayed and crashed and I put in my teaching hours none the worse for wear.
After that Haju stayed over and visited for a bit making a small trifecta of fun for at least the creation of art and artistic planning that was going on, which was great. It was also during this time that I learned about Haju's impending exodus from Korea to head to Pakistan to become the manager of a Korean guest house there. It at least seems interesting. I do remember though what it is like to suddenly leave your country and everything you know to move to a foreign country to set down roots and establish at least the inkling of a career, so I understood a bit Haju's reservation in this department. Alas, when Inju left so did the quasi-interpretation that was provided between the three of us. Since when speaking Haju moves back and forth very easily between Korean and English it can be sometimes difficult to follow the conversation, especially if I'm not properly focused on what is being said. However, Haju persevered even though that sometimes meant coming over to my place to hang out and pretend that I could understand what she as talking about. We managed to find at least some ways in which we could agree on what was going on which was all pleasant enough. Before she left I took one of her favorite pairs of jeans and spiffed them up for her with some nice patches, gave her a pair of funky glasses to remember me by, and a kiss on the cheek to send her on her way. She'll be missed here, but I've already apparently got a room waiting for my decision in Pakistan when I can get around to it. At some point I think I might also have at least a crashable couch waiting for me in New York when I manage to get that way. At some point I got some traveling to do, that much is most certainly clear.

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