Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lost and Found

Korea got cold which was to be expected. However I lost the scarf I've had for the last three years and am rather upset about it. The scarf, for those of you who may have seen it, has made at least one trip to the U.S. with me, was made by hand while I watched, downtrodden, as election results coming in announcing another four years of darkness, and was generally very comfortable for cold winter walking in Korea.

The scarf itself was constructed from two pieces, the first was a half yard of black velvet and the second a piece of black and purple Korean silk that matched the coat lining I put into my winter coat during the same election. Unlike the lining which I hand stitched into my coat, the scarf took only an hour to put together and probably got more use then the winter coat which I switch back and forth between my oversized jacket.

As it is, I suspect I will have to make a new scarf. I'm not happy about needing to make a new scarf as I do get rather attached to the memories that the old one had. I suppose this is a problem I have, developing memory attachments to objects and then being frustrated when those objects disappear. I had a similar response to losing my keys a few months ago. The keys had a big heavy key ring that had a single card spade dangling from it. I found that playing card spade significant for some reason, it was comforting to have it riding in my pocket. The spade was a gift from one of my students at St. Paul, Lisa. It was one of the first times a mother gave me something that was not perfumes and since I generally don't tend to wear perfumes it was very nice to get something that was not perfume. Other then that it was just very surprising to get something that was, well, just so cool! Whenever I would fondle the keys I'd always stop on the spade and enjoy it. The keys also had a leather key strap from The Different Strummer the music shop in the Old Town School of Folk Music one of my favorite places in Chicago. I was angrier about losing the trinkets than I was about losing the keys.

I seem to be suffering a rash of losing things lately. I'm not sure why. I figure I do have my head on my shoulders fairly firmly, but maybe my brain is not as focused as it needs to be. In the last two months I've lost aside from the scarf and the keys, a ring I was rather fond of and now cannot find anywhere, a butterfly bin-young (a hair pick with a butterfly on it) that I haven't used since my last vacation, a pair of black slacks, three dozen pairs of socks that lead to buying new socks while hoping the old ones would turn up, a CD to install software on my computer, a CD I bought from a Canadian artist to help pay for a flight home to get his cat surgery, three friends, and the sliver thread I used just this weekend to put buttons on my shirt. It's a rash of unexplained misplacement on my part. I'm not really proud of it, but I'm not sure how to fix it either. I need to just put an end to losing things.

In the meantime I've found a few things that make me fairly content with life at the moment. I've found a cute little restaurant downtown that makes a very nice pasta dinner good for taking girlfriends too on lazy afternoons, a small Indian shop that I hadn't seen before that has very cool rings and jewelry, a new coffee shop that I rather like, some fabric that I didn't think could be had in Korea, a nice piece of leather to make a leather jacket out of, western style tea, my bag which contains not only my passport but all of my identification which I thought I had last, and my mp3 player.

I'm not sure it all balances out, but it does keep me amused or at least on my toes. I am trying to be more aware and maybe I will even succeed. It's much more fun not to lose the things I hold dear. If I pay enough attention, maybe I won't.

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