Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Apartment

I am not, despite what one might infer from my ramblings, a raving lunatic.

I've got my issues, I'll admit to that and even freely, but I'm not completely nuts.

That said I've but together a panorama of my apartment.

Yes I have too much time on my hands.

Yes it's the weekend.

Yes I spent to much time drinking and am so hung over that leaving home seems pointless.

So here I will give you a quick tour. I have a cabinet, it holds clothes.

I have a bed, I sleep on it.

There is my computer with light so I don't go blind.

Yes, that is the glass I drink tequila out of and the salt shaker that I use when I sit in front of my computer to drink and write. I'd be doing that now but for the hangover.

Next the medieval torture device that I work out on.

My door under a curtain because it is made of metal and is very cold.

My big short cabinet that holds sewing patterns.

The kitchen is off down that little hall. The bathroom is off the kitchen. The kitchen ends at that bookshelf in the back you can see. Yes, I have a bookshelf in my kitchen. Yes my kitchen is small. When I open the bathroom door it hits the fridge.

Then the bookshelves stuffed with books I've read, written, or edited. And books I just read.

T.V. for watching the Daily Show and Xena.

Back to the cabinet.

Yes my apartment is a giant square.

Check it out.

At the bottom of my photos section. I'm trying to put it on my website.

My website aparently hates me at the moment, like so many other things. I'll work on getting a bigger picture up for you crazies who might want to see it.

UPDATE: Got it to work. Now when you click on the little picture you should get a big picture. I'm so clever.

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