Sunday, January 14, 2007

No Regrets

Alright. So today I turn thirty. In and of itself I'm rather nonplussed about the whole thing but I figure I should celebrate it somehow. So I have decided to sit down and think about the thirty things in my life that at this time I do not regret. Maybe some day I will be older and wiser enough to think I should. And, maybe, just maybe I'll be older and wiser enough to know better.

The list, in no particular order:

  1. Coming to Korea

  1. Having sex with a stranger on a train

  1. Going to a very small and obscure college

  1. Doing my masters degree online

  1. Being in a love with a boy

  1. Bringing my best friend to Korea

  1. Having a gigantic meltdown with the same best friend

  1. Tying up girls in a coffee shop

  1. The seventeen year old

  1. Having sex on tables in the classroom buildings

  1. Masturbating at work at every single job I've ever had

  1. Being molested

  1. Cutting my mother out of my life

  1. Writing porn

  1. Painting naked women

  1. Being a clown

  1. Working from the age of eight

  1. Giving up beef and pork

  1. Drinking

  1. Adopting the mico-monster dog

  1. Quitting a high paying job to take an low paying job

  1. Working at an academy that would eventually fire me

  1. Korean girlfriends

  1. My suicide attempt

  1. Being fat

  1. Dancing while stoned

  1. Cybersex

  1. Going more then a week without a shower

  1. The unending line of non-functional VW Foxes

  1. Those nights I spent as a waitress in a strip club

I'm happy that I can look back on all these things and still smile even when I think of how foolish some of them are. Feel free to share your own, even if you aren't turning thirty.

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