Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flourish on the Paint Floor

You might think between my full time job, the gym, my regularly scheduled workout (they are not the same thing) drinking, debauchery and any of the other things that I might be up to, that I would not have time for a silly little thing like painting. But I do, I do, and I did.*

I went to my space, lovely colors are waiting pieces finished drying. I looked today and I could see they were finished they wanted no more color, no more paint. I'm working on a series for a gallery show hopefully in the late spring. The series consists of several small pieces produced inside a larger work, the removal of the small pieces, and then the completion of the larger work.

In my head it is a set of windows looking at sorts of different things. It's a series I'm fairly pleased with. It is primal. The colors are bright, stark, unforgiving. There are some secondary colors but for the most part it is red and blue and yellow cross my canvases. I paint three four at a time some days. Must create, driven to complete, inspired, oh so inspired. Tonight I'm inspired by my new found resolve to live and let everything just happen.

I'm happy today when I leave work and head to my place. I'm happy and in love with the coming spring and life and colors and it pours into my waiting works.

I'm visited by a spirit while I work and I cast her on the canvas. I search in vain for twenty minutes for her head, but finally she tells me she never really cared for thinking all that much and she just wanted to move, to be free. I set her free and call her finished.

I move and I paint and I paint. My finger go numb in the cold and finally I have to peel off the painting shirt and just accept that I can't work anymore. I stand half naked in my studio and notice my breasts are covered in paint. Again.

I smile and lock the doors.

Piece Titles:
Faces in the Window 1,2,3 Acrylic on Paper 8"x11"
Windows of Myself Acrylic on Paper 4'x2'
Sunrise in the Window Acrylic on Paper 4'X2'
Entrance Acrylic on Paper 4'X2'

*What I don't have time for is blogging so your comments are appreciated!

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