Sunday, May 27, 2007

Drop Me A Line

Hello you. Yes, you. You reading.

I'd like to know who you are.

So, why don't you post a comment. And, if you post a comment and have a blog and would like a link to your blog from my blog, and are interesting, and would like a new reader (because I spend way to much time reading blogs) and have a minute to add a link, and really, really enjoy run on sentences from professional English teachers, then you should defiantly post a link to your blog or let me know if I should post a link to yours (and if you like me you can return in kind).

So why don't you do that already.

Sincerely (not working hard enough),



John C said...

And here I've been taking to heart all the people on the internet who were going off on me over the problems of making long sentences that seem to have no end while going on and on.

Maybe ENC1101 will help in the winter. lol. Ok, check out my blog after you read this. :) Nice to find the blog.

nashei_nicola said...

okay you can add

Anonymous said...

Ive added you, too.

esofthub said...

I see my old blogbuddy ipsofacto is here, too. I've added a link to my blog...