Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Commercial TV

Why have I stayed in Korea all this time.

The Giordano Girl.

I also theoretically love my job. But I do think it is mostly the Giordano girl.

I need a break. And the Giordano girl.


Anonymous said...


Having watched the video (eight times) I can honestly say I could take it or leave it (note the irony).

Saradevil said...

I think leaving it is part of the problem, no?

Giordano girl is exactly what you need my friend. The kind of take charge girl who just walks up and walks you out of the bar.

And without it taking any real total spending.

Anonymous said...


You MUST have some half-decent friends (I'm not fussy).

As a matter of urgency please point them in the direction of ...

Saradevil said...

I'm not really sure having women discover you via would improve your chances.

I'm just saying...