Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bad Drunk, Bad Prose

She wasn't in love with you.
She was in love with run on sentences.
As long as the sentence kept going,
as long as there was a comma,
as long as there were more words to add,
more thoughts,
more feelings,
let's compound it,
let's infatuate it,
let's infuriate it,
let's keep it going, and running,
as long is there is a run on sentence,
it won't end.
But eventually even the most beleaguered sentence has a period.
It sucks to be the period.

They say that if you follow a point long enough it becomes a straight line.
If you follow a girl long enough in a straight line, she breaks your heart.
No one ever wants to be the period, but on a long enough line everyone eventually becomes one.

bad prose at one a.m.


Jill said...

"It sucks to be the period" And it sucks to *have* your period. But it sucks worse *not* to have it...

I love those first two lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

I don't know ANYTHING about poetry. But I like this. :-)

Saradevil said...

Thank you.

I was worried there period thing might be taken that way. I could have written it the British way.

"It's sucks to be the full stop."

But I think that might have detracted from the piece overall.

Like I was really thinking about it, I was drunk.

total-spender said...

Drinking and blogging is something I've yet to master (which is kind of annoying for obvious reasons: I got to bed pissed and wake up pissed).

Saradevil said...

I hope that is not supposed to imply that I've mastered the fine art of drinking and blogging cause I think from the post above it is obvious I've got work to do.

Jill said...

Oh no! It doesn't come off that way!!!! I just couldn't help myself is all... I really do like it, drunk or not drunk and with or without poking fun at the non-existent pun.

total-spender said...

I have to agree with Jill on this one...

Nunyo Bidness said...

Someone else is in love with run-on sentences??? I felt so alone. Some thoughts are just too big for proper punctuation.

Saradevil said...

@ Nunya

Maybe run on sentences are the only things we ever really fall in love with.