Friday, August 31, 2007

Quiz Night For You

Last night I played the Mistress of Ceremonies to the Lonely Hearts Club bar quiz. Seeing as how the game is over and the results are in I can now feel free to do what I’d like with these questions.

So here is what I’d like to do.

I’m going to post all three rounds of questions up here. The first person to post the correct answer to all questions including bonuses will win ten bucks (hey that’s at least two decent beers people) which I will paypal to you.

I’ll be accepting answers in the comments section or emailed either here or to any number of my email addresses. Try saradevil at places like yahoo and gmail. I will be checking time stamps which means you increase your chances of winning beer by being fast. I already know you people are going to cheat using the world wide web, so this is more a race to see whose search skills are the best.

The actual quiz night will be written about later. Right now I’m working on recovering from the fifteen shots of tequila I had.

Remember that’s $10.00 cashy money.

Let the games begin.

1. In the series Futurama Captain Zapp Brannigan is faithfully served by:
A) Dr. Zoidberg
B) Hermes Conrad
C) Kif Kroker

2. In the movie Clue Tim Curry plays the butler that keeps everyone in line and fills in the various pieces to the puzzle. What was his characters name?

A) Wadsworth
B) Belvedere
C) Jeeves

3. No good super hero can carry on without a good manservant. Bruce Wayne is certainly no exception. His trust companion is:

A) Herbert
B) Alfred
C) Albert

4. In Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" Algernon, a wealthy young Londoner, frequently finds ways out of social obligations by heading to the country. Who would be the butler packing his bags?

A) Lance
B) Lane
C) Lyndon

5. On the long runny sketch comedy show Kids in the Hall included the popular series "The Pit of Ultimate Darkness" starring Sir Simon Milligan "a man possessed by many demons-polite demons that would open a door for a lady carrying too many parcels-but demons, nonetheless." and his manservant, the spawn of Satan himself. What was the manservant, played by Dave Foley, named?

A) Manservant Balica
B) Manservant Lucifer
C) Manservant Hecubus

6. In Robert Altman's Gosford Park the viewer is taken inside the lives of the upper class and those that serve them. Mrs. Wilson has been kept on for years and it is her secret that will eventually be the undoing of her employer. Who plays her in the film?

A)Helen Mirren
B)Maggie Smith
C)Kristin Scott Thomas

7. In the Harry Potter Series Hogwart's is in the charge of the cantankerous old Squib Argus Filch. Filch is aided in his efforts to curb youthful enthusiasm by his cat. What's her name?

A)Mrs. McGonagall
B)Mrs. Dursley
C)Mrs. Norris

8. It's the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. But she wasn't doing it on her own. Name the live in nanny from the Brady Bunch.

9. If you stay in a fancy shmancy hotel with a good maid service what, according to Miss Manners, is a reasonable tip for the housekeeper?

A) 2.00 dollars
B) 3.00 dollars
C) 4.00 dollars

10. What are the proper accessories for a French Maids costume, excluding dress, lace panties, and apron.


In the long running US comedy (and late night Korean T.V. fare) "The Nanny" Fran Fine works for the rich producer Mr. Sheffield. The nasal voiced brunette is played in this decade long running series by who?
Cops and Robbers

1. What is Eric Estrada's character name on the long running cop drama "Chips"?

A) Lou “The Pomp” Cabron
B) Chacchi “Chip” Arcola
C) Frank “Ponch” Poncherello

2. In 1982 this Korean police officer had an argument with his girlfriend. Afterwards he stopped by the police armory, drinking and stockpiling weapons later used in a killing spree that ended after he took his one life. The finally tally left 58 dead and 35 wounded in the longest killing spree in the country's history. What was his name?

A) Lee Jae-ho
B) Woo Bum-kon
C) Kim Dok-hyung

3. This famous Canadian gang lead by Edwin Alonzo included among other's a peg legged hair dresser and violin player come revolver shooter. Notorious for drinking, boozing, jail breaks and bank robbers these darlings of the Canadian west robbed, among others, the Bank of Montreal. While two members of the gang were hanged in 1952, the leader Edwin was released on parole in 1966 and spent his later years on the west coast of Canada until his death in 2002. What was the name of the gang?

A) The Boyd Gang
B) THe Niagra Fallen
C) The Flannigan Gang

4. High school students in Daegu started the democracy movement which overthrew the Syngman Rhee regime. The Memorial Park (you know that park across from Burnham's Burgers) commemorates their courage. When did the Daegu uprising happen?

a. August 15, 1948
b. April 19, 1960
c. February 28, 1960

5. What famous Australian outlaw was hanged in Melbourne in 1880. His take down included battling through the bushrangers home-made plate metal armor and helmet.

A) Martin Cash
B) Ned Kelly
C) Dan Morgan

6. A 17th-century Korean novelist wrote the first Korean novel to take the standpoint of an outlaw. What is the name of this character, often called the "Korean Robin Hood"?

a. You Suck-bum
b. Kim Du-hwan
c. Hong Kil-dong

7. In 2006, an ex-pat couple caused a nationwide sensation when their baby was found dead in their freezer.
what country were they from?
a. Japan
b. France
c. Canada

8. Robin Hood is the hero of anti-heroes. He robs from the rich and gives to the poor. He stood up to the man and he gave him what for. In the abysmally bad 1991 film "Prince of Thieves" who plays the only bright spot as the evil but charming Sheriff of Nottingham?

A)Christian Slater
B)Sean Connery
C) Alan Rickman

9. This long running T.V. series followed the straight faced L.A. cop Joe Friday as he worked to take down crime. This series is named after an actual police term meaning a system of coordinate measures for apprehending suspects. Name the term.

10. When Al Capone was running liquor way back in the day his series of criminal enterprises were made considerably easier by the invention of what would later become the machine gun. If you are a true Chicago land gangster what do you call it?

A. The Bradly
B. The Tommy
C. The Capone

Bonus Question

What country has the world's largest police force?

Discipline and Punish

1. The hero Odysseus often finds himself on the wrong sides of gods and goddesses particularly when trying to get home. After several years on the ocean playing Poseidon’s bitch, what does he do to get back in the sea god's good graces?

a) walk inland with an oar on his shoulder.
b) sacrifice his son to the gods.
c) sail for three weeks beyond the pillars of Hercules.

2. Whether it's cold hard steel or wrapped up in furry faux leapord, what is a favorite restraint for kinky play behind closed doors?

3. By opening with a story of a brutal execution of Robert-Francois Damien’s, Michael Foucult begins his biting work on the ever changing state of incarceration. From prison to the teaching the “carceral continuum” that pervades current society through surveillance is exposed. What is the name of this classic text?

a) Bind and Bruise
B) Bound to Justice
C) Discipline and Punish

4. According to a Russian proverb, there are three things which benefit from being beaten. Which of the following is not one of them:

a) a dog
b) a mule
c) a wife
d) a walnut tree

5. In the classic Cohen Brother’s flick “The Big Lebowski” the Dude finds himself on the wrong end of any number of crimes. Of the many items stolen what was the only thing the Dude wanted back?

A) His Credence
B) His Rug
C) His car

6. In the Gospel of Mark, what body part does Jesus recommend cutting off if it offends you?
a) hand
b) foot
c) penis

7. What was the original reason for the invention of the guillotine?

a) to slice meat.
b) to execute Henry VIII wives
c) to execute criminals humanely

8. This "Philosophy in the Bedroom" author spent the better part of his life locked up and writing from the asylum at Charenton. Perhaps one of the most scandalous literate libertines of all time, who is he?

9.Captial punishment, or the death penalty, is the end game of many the criminal justice system. Which of the following countries has abolished the practice:

A) Canada
C) Korea

10. The story "Venus in Furs" details the trials of a man in love with a vicious woman. This Venus sits abed decked in furs while taking great pleasure in tormenting her would be lover. The book is considered a classic text of submission inspiring films and even songs. Who is the author?

A) Arthur Masok
B) Marquise De Sade
C Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

Bonus Question
What, according to Jayne Cobb, is the chain of command?


total-spender said...


Email me the answers, I'll email 'em back and we'll split the winnings.

Can't say fairer than that !

ps. Only 15 shots of tequila? You're losing your touch .......

Jill said...

I knew two of them...didn't you have any questions about folk music?!?!? :-0 :-0 :-0

Saradevil said...

@ TS

I don't know if giving you money is a good idea ever.

@ Jill

Pish, folk music.

total-spender said...

Personally, I thought it was a great idea ...

Who won ?