Saturday, September 29, 2007

Me Love Your Music Time

It's Sunday morning. I'm hungover and watching music videos. I figured I'd share my joy.

First up, I found this little beauty surfing you tube. These women are all probably old enough to be my grandmother a hundred times over, and yet, they are still drop dead sexy every single one of them.

I love things like that.

One that someone took the time to find all the pieces for the montage, but two, that the women are still incredible. I like it.

Moving on, since I was inspired to go seeking after the musical artist used I found this lovely piece of work. My dream office. I'm not sure if I want to work there or be the boss, I'm so torn.

Maybe just be in the typing pool.

I like good music in videos. I like beautiful, intense women in music videos. Probably while I like this, which also pays a nice homage to "The Hunger" which has perhaps one of the best lesbian sex scenes ever: Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon. Plus it has David Bowie .

Fun times.

Does anyone else remember that long cigarette holder of mine. Man, there are nights that I really miss that thing. I'll never find one in Korea.

I do love my music downloads. That said the following is the most evil and vicious add campaign of all time. Especially since I can't use napster in Korea.

Explain to me why I keep watching the damn commercials.

Now, in case after all that you feel that all I'm doing today is sitting around on my butt having a hangover I want you all to know that you are wrong. I was also brushing up on moves for my workout routine.

I'm so productive.

Don't ask which workout.
Happy lazy Sunday.


kodeureum said...

I've got my own private office so it's not going to be a problem checking out those videos at work tomorrow. My home computer just doesn't have the Ghz.

Would you happen to know if the Lonely Hearts Club open mic is on Tuesday this week? Yonshik often switches it when there's a holiday on the Wednesday. I'm thinking about coming into Daegu for a set...

Saradevil said...

It would be on Tuesday and I was planning on being there. So, uh, yay! It will be good to see you again and listen to your soothing melodic compositions.

As for the checking out the videos at work, I suppose that will depend on how you define "problem".

Hope to see you Tuesday night.

kodeureum said...

I better start rehearsing then. :-)