Sunday, October 14, 2007

Can't Sleep

It closes in on one am on Sunday night and I should be asleep by now.

My mind is wandering a mad mix of chaos and dreams. My heart is not still.

My heart digs in and won't let me go. I am a cacophony of memories, sights, smells, sounds, touch, desire, dreams, voices, laughs, a sneer. Emotions rendered in thought projections on the unsleeping, unwitting, insomnic brain.

The brain fired neurons and the body responds. The body lights up and slides backwards in waking nightdreams that serve no purpose but to further fuel my unrest.

I whisper in the dark to myself, platitudes to calm, to caress, to ease tension and bring about somnolence. I say a name without hope for reply.

Without hope for rest.

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