Sunday, October 14, 2007

It just does not stop....

It's all piling up on me, this work I'm supposed to be doing. This would be easier to accomplish if I had gotten some sleep the night before, but of course I did not get any sleep the night before as I sat up or tossed and turned most of the night because of my back. I believe that I may have sustained a WSI but cannot confirm if that is actually the case or not. What I do know is that I have seriously pulled a nerve or muscle group just under my left shoulder blade and the occasionally thrusting points of sharp pain that stab forward from the region and into every molecule of my functional form are distracting and practically debilitating.

I was working on a massive project that I had put off until the last possible minute the other afternoon. This is not usually a problem. However after several attempts over several hours in several different positions, one thing was becoming increasingly clear. There was no comfortable place to sit and my back hurt. I tried stretching. Nothing. I tried working and ignoring it. Nothing. I tried six Tylenol extra strength. Nothing. I tried some one. Nope. Finally I gave up. I had a dinner date at eight and decided maybe a walk would be the thing so walked the mile and a bit downtown in the hopes that it would help.


Dinner was a reservation at the only American Chinese place in town. For no readily apparent reason all of the servers are dressed in animal themed suits. There is a dragon, a cow, and a wolf serving tonight. I have no idea why. I do know that the couches at this restaurant are set particularly low. Which normally is fine. Unless your back is throbbing in that spot just below you left shoulder blade. In which case trying to find a comfortable sitting position become a severe challenge. My dinner company kept asking me what the hell I was doing. I kept shifting. Until suddenly the pain kicked into high gear like I had flipped a switch and hit a bulls-eye on the not that had built up in my back during the day.

I kept moving and hoping it would go away. It did not. I ate and hoped food would help. And that didn't work either. I finally gave up and worked on the grinning and the bearing. After dinner Mono and I walked about the city for a bit window shopping and being generally entertained by all things Korean. There was a hope for pool but this was quickly dashed when upon entering the bar we found people to already be playing. It was nearing ten so I figured it was time to go home and that's what I did.

Went home, took more Tylenol. Suffered.

And took more.

And took more.

And took more.

Then I tried to sleep.

That didn't work. I turned on my vibrator and pressed it into the knot in my back for a good half hour. I thought that might help, since that is what the vibrator is for (at least that is what I've been lead to believe by the misleading vibrator packing which seems to think this is a massage unit and not a vibrator). While this did feel fantastic as soon as I turned it of I noticed that if anything now the area was warm, massaged, and painfully painfully throbbing.

I piled up pillows under my head and shoulders and tried to find a comfortable position to sleep. This did not work. I tried lying on my stomach, again with no luck. Side to side, back and forth, up and down, all I got was pain. So I tossed and turned all night taking desperate pass out naps in between to be somewhat rested and relaxed for today.

But my night of unrest leaves me again unfocused and I can't concentrate on the work I'm trying desperately to do. I'm snapping at my students and in a foul mood. I explain to the kids what is going on and fortunately they understand enough to know to let me get through the minimal amount of presentation before the activity. After this we work in peace and life is mostly groovy accept for the back pain that makes me run into my side office and lean over a table trying not to retch.

It's been five hours since work started. The pain is not getting any better. I have on more class, then some more office work and then I will go to the gym. I'm hoping the application of heavy weights in appropriate areas will help to release the tension. If not I can at least as the trainer what I might do to stop the pain. I just want sleep and focus and not to feel like someone has a laser beam pointed between my shoulder blades for twenty four hours.

I want to feel comfortably certain that I have successfully completed this work that is piling up. Perhaps taking a moment out to put this down, to write it up and get it out will present me with the power of will and mind over body to buy the focus I need for the rest of the afternoon. Groovy goodness vibes are most certainly welcome from all corners so feel free to whisper words of healing at the god, goddess, or spiritual higher power of your choice for me.

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