Sunday, October 21, 2007

Monday Morning Music Maddness

There is a lovely sense of lateness in the air and sitting and drinking with a good friend at 3 am seems like a happy way to spend a Sunday evening when I don’t have to go to work the next day. Tensions from earlier in the evening clear out with the emptying of the room and I sit and drink with Ramon while we discuss life, the universe, and the art of Zen.

“Let’s move to bar.”

I’m hard pressed to disagree. The bar is lovely and beautiful. A bar for sitting at with a nice high rise, a bar to rest your feet on, a bar that slide towards you and invites propping and drinking and conversation.

Hyun-shik the barman is poking through the massive record collection that lines the whiles. 33’s from floor to ceiling, almost all original recordings, stacked and begging to be listened to on the massive and beautiful record player that is spinning idly.

A first edition print of Waiting for the Sun is spinning and Jim Morrison is crooning at us:

Love has been lost, is that the reason
Trying desperately to be free.

It is beautiful and it whispers across the bar and the silent chatting and of the pretty Korean girls having Guinness as the other end. We chat up Hyun who continues to thumb through the records and finally pulls something out. I ask him what he has and he shows me a Bob Dylan.

“No, no.” I say. “No, that’s not right. We need something else. We need John Coltrane.” Hyun smiles and turns back around to the bar and pulls out a Coltrane record. He sets the needle to shiny black vinyl and we all smooth and stop and listen. Silky smooth sexaphone sleeks out through speakers. Everything stops by music, everything stops but music in the ear and the beautiful tremolo of velvet smoothness of the melody line on top of the ever subtle backup. It’s sultry and fine.

Conversation resumes for a while until Hyun is inspired to pull a new record and suddenly we stop again as Duke Ellington and his band spin sweetly My Funny Valentine.

Beautiful, sweet, slippery pulling at the mellow mind in glorious three a.m. time.

It sends us all inspired. I ask for Astor Piazzolla. Ramon shouts out Gotan Project. We call out name after name, pull up music that will inspire the evening, the cool fall, the alcohol that warms the belly, life at three a.m. Accordion opened and shut, accordion rocking tango and moving the soul. There is music, there is jazz, there is dark, there is industrial, there is happy warmth, and the sudden unending beauty of music in a bar for three, music for thinking and drinking and the somnambulance that falls in the wee hours of mornings.

I go home toe tapping and sleep in till ten, happy.



Sounds quite nice. Taegu is really a cool place to live?

John C said...

The 33's make it so much a jewel more with things unheard in wait. Very warm and nice post again, SD.

xanrex said...

I don't often comment on things...but I had to...nice job, nice feel...I wish I was there with you...

Saradevil said...


Everyplace is a cool place if you know where to find that spots that make you feel more human and less alien.

I am in love and awe of Hyun's collection. It makes me homesick for my own collection that is waiting in a storage locker somewhere.

You know we'll keep the light on for you over the bar. Come visit anytime you want.

Jill said...

Wait...Bob Dylan can be wrong?!?!? I don't think I've heard of that. My dad didn't raise me that way...
:-0 :-0 :-0

“Let’s move to bar.”
I first read this "Let's move to a bar". I was just saying how I wished I could move inside the library of the radio station...still, moving into a bar seems like a close second. :-) :-) :-)

linda said...

This post makes me ache for the commune. I feel like going there would be like going home. Is that so wrong, since I haven't always had a home home lately? I'm starting to get into my (as you called it) cozy Brooklyn situation though. Still, ahhhh, the commune.

Saradevil said...


I should probably have written let's move to the bar which is how I kept seeing it when I read that line, but I'm going to let it stand. I would totally move into this bar, you have no idea. It's that nice.


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