Thursday, November 29, 2007

I love Korea Day

I'm having an "I love Korea" day. This is nice as it offsets the occasional "I hate Korea" days.

I think my love affair with Korea today starts with all the crazy crap that Korea ends up in the news for.

Top stories this month, a 33 year old Korean worker who may have been killed by his cellphone exploding (thanks Gord, you started this).

After reading that article I stumble across another South Korean headline about singing streets in Siheung designed to keep people awake. I used to live in Siheung. I know why they fell asleep, that town was ten times boring.

Then there is the South Korean guy who is just obsessed with toilets. So much so that he built a toilet house with a master toilet sweet.

Speaking of toilets one of my favorite Korean commercials. You figure out what that one is for.

I swear, some days I just love this country to pieces.

Fortunately it is Friday. Let drinking season commence.

P.S. This one kills me. The lunacy of the Korean Wedding.

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