Monday, December 24, 2007

The Circle Moves Ever On: Very Happy Holiday

It does my pagan heart good to see the world ending again. A cycle complete as the end of winter falls and the sun sinks down below the horizon on the longest night and the world dies. And I die with it. All the pain, the harshness, the ache that has built up in me and pulled me tight as a high wire is there in the sinking of that sun.

And I set myself free on it.

I awake with the early dawn light and appreciate that the Goddess slumbers, that other forces are working in the now lighting skies. I hear a rooster crow from a Korean rooftop garden as the sun begins to peak up more an more. I wake up. I have died. I have dreamt. I have traveled through time.

I am the mote. I swim in an Antediluvian see with a thousand creatures that are like me and like nothing at all. We are all beings, dead, waiting for rebirth. We have all given up. We are all ready to celebrate life. We are all awash and abandon in our old pain.

And then there is the light, and we break free. We climb the shores, clean, our spirits pure as driven snow. It's holiday and celebration. It is the dawn. It is the new day. It is the new year. It is life, and we are new born two it.

I walk on my own two legs at the beginning again and I am recreated. My history is shrouded again, not dark. It is merely what it is. It exists. It becomes the myth, the epic, neither dark nor encroaching. Nothing now but the fanciful stories of my life.

My history has no power of my future. It is history. I read it. I learn from it. I remember it. I grow, I move one, I experience the cleansing, and I am new again.

Here is my happy happy day. I look forward to what fun the future holds without lamenting to much the past year.

I am reminded that today in the country I left a long time ago that it is quickly approaching the most infamous of holidays. Love it or hate it if you line in the US you know it is upon you. Here in Korea I had plum forgotten. They hang lights to celebrate the New Year, but there is little hint of Santa or Christ. It's Korea, send in the clowns.

My Yule was well and peaceful, I was given a gift of a lamp. I moved into a new apartment and, as is appropriate for the season, I started everything off fresh once again.

I die and I am recreated.

Happy Holidays and Best wishes for the New Year to all of you, or Say-ha-bok-many-pa-do-say-o, as we say in Korea.

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