Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And she is called Pepper.

There aren’t really a whole lot of words. I went to the Daegu Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) on Saturday. Which was probably a bad idea. I knew before I went it was probably a bad idea. The entire point was that I was just looking at the animals. I was not going to adopt a dog. That was not going to happen.

The noise was overwhelming, the dogs, all rescue cases, have various problems. They bark from their cages desperate for a new home, a place to be loved. They have been discarded because they got too big. Many of these are toy breeds as well. Malteeses, Cockapoos, Shitzus, Terriers, all of them tossed away for no longer being cute puppies. I have a little Shitzu that I took home from a pet store. I always felt a little guilty about it because I wondered what happened to all the little babies that didn’t go home. I felt guilty for perpetuating the system.

A number of my friends have volunteered at the animal shelter or are volunteering as foster parents for dogs and cats that have been abandoned. I’ve heard about the shelter left and right but avoided it for fear of going and taking home another dog. After much thinking on it, though, I decided a new dog would not be that big a deal. I convinced myself I was just going to look. I wasn’t going to adopt that day.

I walked in the door to see those poor dogs and walked up the youngest of them all. A three month old pointer puppy that had a huge lump on her head from a blow to the back of the skull. She was shaking, starved, a body too small for her big legs. She is a puppy and she is huge. She’s going to be a great big dog. I knew it looking at her and it didn’t stop me from wanting to see her, from asking for her to be placed on the floor so I could see her move. She was all shaky and skittish and the barking of the other dogs scared her.

I watched her and I knew I was totally screwed and I was getting a puppy. And that is what I’ve ended up with. She is partially blind, possibly fully blind, I’ll find out today when we go to the vet. She’s adorable, doglike, and getting happier by the minute. My other dog is not amused.

If you have an extra ten dollars laying around and wanted to help out some animals in Korea considering donating to the shelter. It is run basically on donations with a bit of grant money here and there. It's also the only animal shelter in all of Korea. They can use a hand. There are lots of stories about the rescues there and all of them are true.

**************Excerpt of a rescue story from the KAPS site:***************************

On 24 May 2005, one resident who lived beside Chongku Market saw and heard that I was caught by the man, and was screaming and howling from his cruel acts of beating my legs with a stick and searing with light of burning cigarette. However, the resident was too scared to approach him; therefore, he contacted KAPS for help. KAPS contacted Manchon-2dong Sub-Police Box, and the KAPS Rescue Team and police senior patrol Yun from the police box arrived at the scene together. While they were fighting with the man who was like a crazy guy, KAPS Rescue Team could hold me and get out of there.

The following day, Mr. Yun like an insane person appeared at the Police Box and making a disturbance asked them to return me. How grateful I was as they would not turn me over because I was already in protection of the KAPS. The police official barely soothed the situation by telling him “If you want to take the dog, pay a fine of 200,000 Won; otherwise, go to a mental hospital,” and made the man go back.

Read the whole story


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John said...

Congratulations on your new baby, Sara. One shelter, one country. Must have pictures after Pepper gets settled in.