Thursday, March 20, 2008

Watch the Master Work

I didnt have to be in to work until late so I took a nice morning relaxing and drinking coffee and basically chilling. I walked the dog, made a list of the things I needed to buy, and prepared to leave home around eleven for a shopping trip. Id felt a little bit sick to the stomach but otherwise none the worse for wear, so I said goodbye to the dog and headed out the door for the electronics district.

I was making a concise strike on the electronic district otherwise I would overspend. I know me, I know gadgetry. The shop I was hitting is hacker haven central. Parts for your computer that do things that are unimaginable. I was picking up splitters, connectors and headphone for my MP3 players for my classes. That was it.

After a few minutes of browsing around and making a gigantic pile of stuff on the shop counter I asked for the headphones.

Sa, sa, juesyo. I said to the keeper.

Cho-gi? He pointed out a set.



Andayo. Sa, sa. I repeated. I wanted really cheap and five bucks was not cheap enough. I was hoping to get twenty sets for about a dollar a set. He told me to wait a minute and ran to the back of the shop and then came back up with a pair.



An-day. Pi-san-ga. Sa ju-sey-o. I waited for a minute.

San-sang-nim. Ee-go, ee-chon-on, ju-esyo. Eee-ship, ee-chon-on. I want to pay two dollars, I said to him, I want twenty pairs at two bucks a piece.

He cocked his head at me.




He tossed the headphones in a bag and I was ready to go.

I ended up spending way to much money and buying things I dont need and left the shop loaded down with all sorts of gadgetry after spending an hour browsing. I must get out of here and get lunch, being that it was now tweleve. I wanted to be at work by two so that I could get some things done before my classes. I felt like a master negotiator though, having managed to pull of my trip to the market for only one hundred and fifty and walking out with at least two hundred and fifty dollars worth of gear.

I hit the department store across from the electronic district for lunch. Leaving I walked out the other side deciding that I wanted to take a cab to school. Since I was feeling like a master negotiator I walked up to the first cab driver told him where I was going and asked how much.

Twenty he said.

I wanted to pay fifteen.

Ee-mon-och-on-on I answer.

He looks at me, steely gaze through his sunglasses and says yeah, okay.

I hop in feeling all sorts of good about myself.

Until I realized that I had responded to his offer in Korean not with fifteen like I thought.

I said twenty-five.

Master negotiator, thats me.


linda said...

I love this story.

John said...

The pwner becomes pwned. It's how we learn, or some grinning excuse like that I use. :) Very good write, S.

GeologyJoe said...

so the $ you saved getting the headphones you burned in the cab.

I don't understand karma sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Ju-Sey it's my name...
Mean something?

Saradevil said...

Ju-sey, I want you baby.