Monday, April 28, 2008

Same as it ever is.

Self reflection not being one of my strong suits I shall return you know to your regularly scheduled Korea channel.

Did you know Korea is freaking weird? No really, I’ve been living here for going on seven years and it still kills me how weird this place is sometimes. I met my friend Mono most recently recovered from surgery and now with his own jar o’ organ. We got together for dinner and afterwards for a bit of a walk about. What else is there to do after dinner, good for the body and soul.

We head up the crisply cool streets of Daegu and I stop to notice a keychain. Some bizarre little robot thing. I look at Mono, and back at the keychain.

“That robot has boobs.” I say to him.

“Yes, boobs and a heart on.”

We walk on down the streets dodging cars, Koreans, and cool gusts of wind.

“What do you want to do?” I ask him.

“Let’s go get coffee.”

We wander about me thinking of an entirely different coffee shop.

“You want to go here?” I say as we pull up to the red and silver shop that sits on a busy street.

“Why not, it’s street level and you can freak gaze.”

“You mean people watch?”


Korea is freaky like that. We have our coffee and talk. We get stared at by the girl wearing a hood and bunny ears. We get stared at by the guy wearing a pink couple shirt that matches his girlfriends. We get stared at by the girls that look like drag queens circa 1980 with the big hair and gold lame included. Strangers in a strange land that us.

We leave the shop and continue our walk about. I find a giant pelican and I just can’t resist asking to have my picture taken in it’s mouth. I open the door to get it. And close it and move to stand behind the bird.

“You’re not getting in?”


“Why not?”


“Is it nasty?”

“You could day that.”

Someone has done something in there and I’m not willing to speculate on what. I get my picture and we move on. I realize suddenly that dinner is not sitting so well so I ask if we can hit a place I know that has a public restroom. The guard gives me a bit of hard time as it is almost time to close but after I mutter to him in Korean he lets me pass.

I get in and sit down for a moment of quiet time.

Until I see this.

Yes, it’s singing poo. It disturbs me. I don’t want to think about poo with a snorkel coming up out of there while I’m doing what I’m doing. I hurry to finish up and march on down the street. We walk some more but at this point Mono is pushing himself and it is time to go home. We start to head back towards some cabs but get distracted by the shiny lights on a little anime toy store. I start to look in the windows at all the toys.

Then I realize that this isn’t a toys are us. That’s what I get for paying to much attention.

I walk Mono back to a cab and then grab a night cap before going home.

“How’s your evening?” H asks from behind the bar, resplendent in his Rastafarian cap.

“Same as always.” I turn back to my drink and smile.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Funny on "freak gaze"! Also funny that the pelican has a door in his beak. Never heard of singing poo either...Korea is very educational! :-) :-) :-)

Stars,Watch Out! said...

the robot with boobs is quite funny :))

John said...

The spirit of the poor shall follow you all of the days of your life, and you will dwell in the mouth of the pelican...forever.

Made me think of the Chinese rage years ago of panda poo embedded in the belly buttons of little plastic clear pandas.