Friday, June 13, 2008


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I was too tired on Friday night to be much good to anyone, my long week catching up with me. Xanrex was visiting from Seoul and I felt like a waste of flesh with my inability to stay up past midnight.

"Tomorrow, I promise we shall stay out till the sun rises."

We met for dinner at 8:30 pm and filled ourselves on pasta. A night of heavy drinking anticipated.

"There is basically only thing I want tonight," Rex says to me, "I want pretty girls to pay attention to me."

"So my job is the pretty girls part."


And we're off.

We began at the pool bar for warm up drinks. Quiet company and faces happy to see me. Rounds of pool were played, drinks were drunk. I started and stuck to tequila like it was the life blood flowing through my veins.

Together, like old friends will, we easily complimented our spaces. When I did not talk Rex would. When I did talk Rex found amusement. We went to to the Lonely Hearts Club and received a heroes welcome from Hyun where we sat together at the bar and made faces at the pretty girls and listened to the band. The music was excellent on Saturday night and the bar packed. A far cry from the quiet atmosphere of the Friday night place.

We bought drinks for people we know, and people we didn't know. We bought drinks for each other and got properly lubricated before flipping out of the Lonely Hearts to go watch a flair bar show down the street. After watching things get set on fire I was ready for the dance scene.

Bubble Bubble boil and trouble, walk in the doors and fall all over each other. Bubble is a dark dirty little dance hall were we managed to round up some pretty girls but the night was young at two a.m. and the game only starting to be afoot. So we shot out the door after a bottle of water each and went on to Frog.

At frog we were stopped at the door and thoroughly searched. Being that we are not Koreans it's sort of an assumption that we might be carrying weapons with us. My bag is too small to hide the gun and they weren't looking to closely anywhere else. We made it through in a short space and walked into the waiting locker room were foolish people who have brought things with them will lock them away.

Two girls sit on a bench outside the door.

"Where are you going?" I ask.


"No. I don't think so." One girl wore a long necklace and I took her necklace in my hand and lead her back into the bar well Rex followed behind with other pretty girl in hand. They giggled as we entered the dark throbbing dance hall and we switched back and forth dancing at random with strangers in a bar too loud for talking.

More water.

More tequila.

We walked out of Frog and were greeted by the sun. I wanted to ask what time it was. I resisted the urge. We crossed the street and entered Monkey without the grueling inspection and crawled into the deep dark depths of the club in morning spectrum.

A pretty foreign girl was there and I left Rex to his own devices and started chatting her up. I'm not quite sure how I ended up kissing her or smelling her neck, but I recall that she was lovely and I wanted to. We whispered quiet whispers to each other at dawn, things I'm sure she might wake up later questioning, but in the moment I don't think anyone cared.

She left with friends and I sat pondering for a while longer while watching Rex chatting and dancing with a new group. He went forward to the bar and ordered another beer. I gave up and checked the time. It was 8:00 a.m. I knew I was done.

I said my goodbyes to Rex with a twinkle in my eye and stumbled out into the already awake world and stumbled home with the light and the throbbing in my head.

Frolicking accomplished. Mission too.

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