Monday, June 02, 2008

Little Night Long Korea

A night in Korea.

Full of fashion.

Full of frolic.

Full of alcohol.

And art.

And mayhem.

Goddess I do love this country sometimes.

We had a night of spinning out of control, of the body beautiful, of motion and charm. The dancers took the stage and spun to the pretty music and the whistle of steel splitting air.

The dance looks at me and her body is fluid grace from her dark hair, to her deep eyes, to her posture half dancing on the edge of madness and death. She is beautiful and I love her. We spill and drink and sip and sup at a cup that is offered freely.

The Ukrainian buys me dinner in Russian and I eat cucumbers and tomatoes and beets and vodka and I drink it all down and eat it all up. I want hummus and Greeks but it will wait, it will wait.

I am perpetual memory. She is perpetual motion. The night is wild. Korea on the cusp of summer, life in midspring, death just before dawn.

It's wonderful, all of it. Today, it's wonderful.

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GeologyJoe said...

when you see someone getting taped to a know its a party!