Friday, August 08, 2008

In the Forests of America

It was green.

I remember that it was green. That is the beautiful thing about America and so many people take it for granted. It truly is beautiful. Beautiful and green.

When was the last time you walked in the woods? When was the last time you stood silent in the depths of green and understood the wonder that we have there.

Korea has it's green moments. There are mountains, there are trails, there is wonderful greenness there. It's true. The difference, in America you can have your green and your silence, your space, your freedom, be alone, or be alone with someone you want to be alone with.

In Korea you are never alone. I've gone to the woods in Korea. I've climbed the mountains. I've walked in the parks. And there is always someone there. An hajuma, and ajoshi, another foreigner, someone who wants to talk to you, to relate to you. Sometimes you just want to stop relating.

What I remember was that before I left America I got to experience green one last beautiful time. Green. Not alone, not empty green with no one there. But still, beautiful.

"Look it's a deer."

And I said, "It's beautiful."

There wasn't too much more talking after that.

And that was good too. It made it just as perfect as the woods can be.

"The space is perfect for it."

And I agreed.

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful feeling you are describing. As I live in a small country, being alone is almost impossible. You can be away from others, but never alone...