Friday, August 22, 2008

Midnight Serenade

It was a last dinner at the Pakistani place. The Geek is scheduled to exit stage ROK in just a few days and so I had promised a last dance. We meet at my place say goodnight to the dog and hoof it across town for some damn fine vegetarian curry and what turned out to be a whole roast chicken for the Geek. A beer and fine dining later we were both stuffed to the gills and contemplating the looming evening.

"Lonely hearts?"

"Lonely Hearts."

So we step off a corner and into a cab and head in the opposite direction for drinking at the Lonely Hearts Club. H looks especially down tonight as he sets up for what will be a crowded Wednesday night.

"You okay?" I ask as I order a drink?

"Just...busy." Says H. I ask when Hyun will be in but that is to be much later. I notice the ashtrays piled up on the bar waiting to be dished out around the room so I play assistant bar back while H finishes up with the smallish crowd that has just entered.

The Geek and I sit and drink and enjoy ourselves while reveling about our past misdeed and the less than sane women we have both dated at one point in our life.

I laugh because it is amusing.

I laugh because I'm sad to see another friend going.

I laugh because I have five shots of tequila and the night is young.

I laugh because it's almost fall.

I laugh because I miss mountains and deserts in the cool night air.

We shove off so I can get home and get up early enough to make it in time for my job. The streets are cool and the rain is falling in a polite sprinkle.

"Do you mind if we walk back in the rain?" I ask.

"No, it's fine....Do you... Do you know that guy?" He turns and points to a guitar player standing under the protection of a doorway.

He waves at me. "Sara." I wave back.

We go over to say hello. I apologize for not being able to stay for the music.

"I can play you something now." He says.

"Been a while since I've been serenaded in the rain."

And so we stood in the chill midnight air getting mildly damp while the guitarist bends over his instrument to play me a tune. The music is light with a hint of ennui. Perfect the the neon melancholy that is sinking into me.

"It's beautiful." I say.

It's all so beautiful.

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