Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And they Said: The Artwork

My camera is now fixed. These are the five new pieces that went into the art show. Part of a series titled: And they Said...

And Ramon Said, "Transiency."

And Psyche said,"Psyche."

And Michael said, "Punk."

And Marla said, "Empty."

And Tom said, "Jesus."

Me at the Eternal Reflections 2 art show with the excellent graffiti art background. More to come on that end.


Zhi Zhi said...

Definitely going to see these tonight.

Wolf said...

Very Nice to see the exploits of your art studio work. Very expressionistic yet abstract. Makes a complimenting addition to your writing skills. Even thou your blog contains a surprising number of typos for an Englich teacher. Maybe you should take some lessons in caligraphy to address both, wrtiting and painting skills? ; )

Saradevil said...


Hope you liked the art. I always enjoy being able to put something up against the wall.

Yes, I do have some problems with typos. I'm a better writer then I am an editor, I admit. You should see my handwriting, I've been told it's almost unreadable.