Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eternal Relection the Replay

I made a Kimono blouse with Japanese silk for the party. The paintings I entered into the gallery show were wild expressions of emotion in color, action painting, expressive painting, desire painting. I felt wild and free making the work.

Oddly I felt less wild and free as I walked up the stairs to the show. It was early but the room was already starting to fill with people, a crushing press. I walked up the stairs to see the paintings in the gallery, to watch some of the reactions to the pieces as people walked around. I want to know if my emotion effects others as they look.

A run into many people. I run into many artists. I stand in front of a piece of dark work, beautifully executed sketch, ink on paper. A couple walks up behind me, first to compliment me on the blouse. I introduce myself as an artist.

"Really, I'm an artist too. I did the boobs."

There was a photo piece a collage of breasts.

"I did it for more reasons than just boobs. I mean, it's not that I just like boobs, I mean I had a reason. I mean, I do like boobs, you have great breasts." I smile. He asks to see my work. I take him down the hall and explain the pieces and he takes my picture in front of "Punk". I smile and walk away down the stairs to refill a glass and meet more people.

More come in, I run into new friends and direct them up the stairs, I get a glass and head back up drunk on the ego stroking moment. In the room with my paintings to girls sit dressed from head to toe as 1920's molls. They are lovely. I take their picture in front of my paintings. Surreal moment in the room that is so far from 1920's feeling.

Australian Chickie stands in front of my pieces. "I don't get it. I mean, it's good, but I don't get it." We move down the hall and stand in front of an interesting collection of nudes.

"I hate this." She says.


"Because, it's just...It's just not art. It's just someone with a camera. I don't think it's pretty."

"Look at the composition, the positioning of the body. Read the title, see the interaction between camera, model, photograph and the concept."

"It's just like porn. And I really hate that. That's just disgusting." She points to the breast collage.

"Why in the world do you like my art?" I ask her.

"I don't understand it. To me that's what art is. Something I don't understand."

I think about that as I walk back down the stairs and get lost in the crowd.

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Tony said...

Nice show. I would like to see the outfit you made, though. Got pix? As usual, you power of people observation and bringing those insights to your fans (like me!) is what keeps me coming back, Sara. You da bomb, GirlFriend.