Thursday, September 04, 2008

Politics: I have a vagina, yet don't go into $19 Million dollars worth of debt

Sarah Palin

So I really need this. Sarah, like you, Sara, you're like McCain's VP pick.
Yes, thank you random Korean student. Sara is now a name in the media. Aren't I lucky. Can we go back to comparing me to Abraham's wife and asking me if I'm submissive to my man? Cause really, that's less annoying.

Why did McCain pick Palin?

Aside from editing in the clever thoughts that video has not been touched up. And notice how he plays with his wedding ring and actually slips it off at one point.

But no, he didn't pick her because of the hot hot ass? No, it's was because of her great experience leading as mayor and leading the state of Alaska.

Like during her six years leading the state she hired a lobbyist to get earmarks for her city of Wasilla.

And she raised taxes so the city of 8,000 could get their own sports stadium.

"Palin Supported Increasing Wasilla Sales Tax From 2 to 2.5 Percent to Build $14.7 Million Sports Center.
"Wasilla residents have given the go ahead to building a new multiuse
sports center in town and to raising the city sales tax to pay for it.
With the final votes counted Friday, residents voted 306 to 286 in
favor of a measure to raise the city sales tax from 2 percent to 2.5
percent to pay the estimated $14.7 million cost of building the
center...Mayor Sarah Palin, who
supported the measure, said the tight vote will motivate city officials
to keep a close eye on the budget for the center." [Anchorage Daily
News, 3/9/02]"

Not to mention leaving that city 19 million in debt. And some other special things you can read all about here:

I mean, really, Troopergate? Corruption? Ethics? Science? Common Sense? Even protecting teens from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy?

I'm sorry. I'm disgusted.

In the meantime, my voter registration drive here in Korea is going like gangbusters!

Last night we actually ran out of registration forms. So go me. Plus I'm trying to help out some teachers in Seoul with the registration. Also plans are in the works for a Democrats Abroad party here.

So yeah, that's basically how I'm feeling at the moment. Sorry for failing in eloquence today.

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