Friday, October 24, 2008

Bloody Red Drapes

As it was said before I was working on a little crochet project for my wardrobe. While I love sewing my own clothes on occasion you need something else in the closet to spice things up. I'm working up to crocheting an actual sweater.

This piece was in the most delightful blood red acrylic yarn I found in a sale box at an hajuma's stall on yarn street in Seomun Market. This is pretty much the only district in town to find any selection. At the same time sadly the yarn can be really expensive going for eight to fifteen dollars a skein. Often I am rather pragmatic about it, look but don't touch, oogle from afar. It was the summer which helped me to keep my shopping under control but the color and the price were just too attractive so I ended up getting about six dollars worth, what she had in the bin.

As I started to work on this project I realized I was going to have to go back to the market. I got lucky and she had four more skeins in the same color at the same price and I had enough yarn to finish my wrap, which is as lovely as it is terrifyingly bloody.

It should prove to be nice and warm on a cold Korean night.

The funny thing about pieces like this is that they create their own mood. This makes me feel when I wear it as if I am somehow more vulnerable. Maybe it is the cape-like quality, how it pins my hands down keep them close to the sides of my body. Or they way it wraps over shoulders, breasts, arms, all together, trapping and bringing warmth all at the same time. Snug but not a cocoon; safe but without freedom. An interesting effect.


Anonymous said...

It looks good on you. I'm guessing Korean winter is not very harsh right?

Saradevil said...

Actually it is insanely bitterly cold in Korea in the winter, but it takes us a while to get there. We are still pushing between 18 and 19 most days here and will until about midway through November when it suddenly goes straight to 0 with no warning. When winter really kicks in most days are -3 to -10 below until spring.