Wednesday, October 01, 2008

John McCain: If I were a dictator

"If I were a dictator, which I will always aspire to be..."

Copy, paste, share this video. Everyone needs to know that this is something a person running to be president says.

Be afraid people.


Shay said...

Whoa he said that with a straight-face. That is scary. It looked like he didn't even realize he'd said dictator instead of President. Yikes!!

And the hypocrasy! Who is he, who certainly has been fanning the flames of partisan politics as much as anyone, to claim that he is the one who reaches across to others. I would have believed that 8 years ago. Now they're just hollow, meaningless words.

Saradevil said...

It is scary, no two ways about that, and no way to undercut his seriousness... he seemed deadly serious to me.

Anonymous said...

wait a minute, I listened to this three times, did he really say if I were dictator or did he say if I were dictating? As in dictating the bill? I mean, I am no fan of John McBush and I would love nothing more than a juicy gaffe, but this is a bit of a stretch. I really think he was referring to dictating the bill. But please, correct me if I am wrong. I want to be wrong.

Saradevil said...


If I were a dictating the bill which I will always aspire to be....

As a teacher of second language learners I would have to say that sentences doesn't even make sense from one of my Korean students.

Basic grammar, from a native speaker, would certainly not have one "aspire" to the verb "dictating".

I think it's fairly clear here that this is a noun, and the noun is "dictator" which McCain "aspires" to be.

Anonymous said...

Even if He wanted to become dictator of the U.S.A It would be
impossible. I'm much more afraid of Barack Hussein Obama the company he keeps and the crap that spews from his lying mouth. We cover our hearts when our National Anthem is being sung, out of respect to our soldiers who risk and have given their lives..... Barack Hussein Obama wont, He wants to cut our defense. That figures.He's a thief, he befriends terrorists, and he's a lying muslim. Do Your Home Work!!!

Saradevil said...

Hello Anonymous...

I have to say, that's a lot of stupid untrue things you have there.

Homework okay...

Obama Says the Pledge

Saying the Pledge

1:40 minutes into the video.

And the "he doesn't cover his heart thing" during the pledge is patently not true.

Cross your Heart and stop the lies

I'm afraid the rest of your comment is fear mongering hogwash. You make no insightful statements and support your argument with no facts but just blatant lies. Indeed the "Obama is a muslim" rants has been dubunked time and time again Not a Muslim.

But hey, if you believe that I have some pills I'd like to sell you that will give you a longer harder penis and also a book that will tell you how to be a millionaire tomorrow.

Read a book, follow some news, stop watching Fox News and actually get out there and do some research.

Saradevil said...

And since I know you are going to come back and say "I said anthem not pledge, see I win."


Anthem Politics

Anonymous said...

From anon 3:26pm

okay, i listened to it again on a better speaker. wow, he did say it. what a prick. i mean he has come unhinged.

GeologyJoe said...

AYFKM? woah.

linda said...

Sara, Sara, Sara... it was sarcasm. I know in this day and age of bright, shiny, happy celebs (many of them twits) and earnest, flowery, rhetoric by people who take themSELVES very seriously (from NPR to Ann Coulter) it is hard for people to remember what a true, dry, wry, sarcastic remark is like. If it doesn't come from Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart with lots of bells and whistles and flashing irony signs then people don't get it. This is old school sarcasm - the kind I see in my wise 93-year-old grandfather when he makes a speech around the Thanksgiving dinner table. It makes the listener/reader/viewer do some of the work.

I could picture you or me saying the exact same thing around a table in the commune... "If only everyone would do it my way..." like that.

In the midst of him making an entire two-minute point about the frustrations of failing to get bi-partisan cooperation you really didn't get it? I'm sad for that.