Thursday, October 09, 2008

Politics: Palling Around With Who Now?

You have probably heard, seen, or read in many different media outlets that the McCain campaign has stepped up its rhetoric an unleashed it's Pitbull Palin to make some grossly un-American statements about the opposing party for President.

Honestly, I think the attacks of the McCain campaign go beyond looking at character. Questions of character I could understand by trying to tie Barrack Obama by associating him with terrorists is unfounded. The fact that they are trying to make him into a terrorist is disturbing fear mongering of the worst level and any canidate worth his salt running for president should be above it.

But if you want to play the guilt by association game, then let's, for a moment, look at some other associations.

Palin's for example:

Ted Stevens: Currently Under indictment for violation of provisions of Ethics.

The Alaskan Independence Party: A group that advocates Alaska as a free country.

But, it's been said before Palin isn't running for president. She's just standing in glass houses throwing stones for her principal. Her Principal is John McCain.

So, who does McCain associate with?

McCain and G. Gordon Liddy

"Liddy, who worked for President Nixon's campaign,
was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison for multiple crimes
in burglarizing the Democratic National Committee office in the
Watergate building--part of a broader plot to steal the 1972 election
through sabotage, illegal spying and other dirty tricks. He even
planned the murder of a journalist, though that idea was overruled.
Bombings? He proposed the firebombing of a liberal think tank.

Liddy, now a conservative radio host, has never expressed regret for
this attempt to subvert the Constitution. Nor has he developed any
respect for the law. After the 1993 raid on the Branch Davidian
compound in Waco, he endorsed the shooting of federal agents: "Kill the
sons of bitches."

Yet none of this bothers McCain. Liddy has contributed thousands of
dollars to his campaigns, held a fundraiser for McCain at his home and
hosted the senator on his radio show, where McCain said, "I'm proud of
you." Exactly which part of Liddy's record is McCain proud of?"

You can listen to McCain's praise for Liddy here:

And McCain, John Singlaub and the US Council for World Freedom. John McCain was on the board of this organization. The same way that Barrack Obama served on the board of an organization with Ayers. If serving on the board means being good friends then this is completely relevant.

"But John McCain sat on the board of a very right-wing organization, it was the U.S. Council for World Freedom, it was chaired by a guy named John Singlaub, who wound up involved in the Iran contra scandal. It was an ultra conservative, right-wing group. The Anti-Defamation League, in 1981 when McCain was on the board, said this about this organization. It was affiliated with the World Anti-Communist League – the parent organization – which ADL said “has increasingly become a gathering place, a forum, a point of contact for extremists, racists and anti-Semites.”

John McCain Rick Davis and Raffaello Follier

"Raffaello Follieri, the 30-year-old Italian who used his purported ties with the Vatican to win entry into the inner circles of billionaire businessmen and top politicians, including former President Bill Clinton, pleaded guilty to conspiracy, fraud and money laundering in connection with his business of buying property from the Catholic Church. Mr. Follieri, who not long ago was sharing a $37,000-a-month Manhattan penthouse with his then-girlfriend, actress Anne Hathaway, now faces 51 to 63 months in a U.S. federal prison under sentencing guidelines."

McCain and his campaign manager Rick Davis didn't sit across a board table from Follieri, they spent McCain's birthday in 2006 on Follieri's yacht.

I suggest that Senetor McCain get back to politics, get back to putting the country first, and get back to talking about how to fix our nations problems, rather then trying to tear down the man he sees as standing in his way to the throne. McCain's ambitions are at stake, maybe that's why this thing is getting so ugly.

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