Thursday, November 20, 2008

Commercial Break

The thing about being broke is there is a lot of time for self entertainment. In the last month I've steadily decline on my once during a week night out to going out just one night on a weekend. And since I'm at home more I'm either reading a book, playing with the dog or watching T.V.

I was listening to an article on NPR about the across the board finical collapse and how it would effect the day to day consumer. The question being how many people would cancel their cable service. The finical analyst came back that cable and premium cable would do well during the down turn. Primarily because it would be the primary avenue for escaping otherwise dreary existences.

Now, I sit at home and watch commercials. This one graced my tube the other night. Before you watch answer the quiz question. Then see how well you did.

I will say this, it's worth the basic cable service to be so entertained.

What beverage is this a commercial for?


GeologyJoe said...

nothin' like sexin' up a water commercial. woah.

Saradevil said...

Yep, that's like the best commercial for water ever!