Saturday, January 03, 2009

Blessed by Emily Strange

Do you know that feeling you get when you wake up and suddenly realize you absolutely have to have a velvet hoodie? Yeah, me too, and this is what happened to me when I woke up on Saturday morning. I opened my eyes and I knew, I just knew, that I had to have a velvet hoodie and nothing was going to make me happy until I had said hoodie, and was wearing said hoodie.

There was only one problem. I'm cash poor at the moment and did not want to break into my bank account to get the money that I would need for the fabric to make a velvet hoodie. I'm saving all the cash I have at the moment for my concert but the need for a velvet hoodie was just overiding everything else. I woke up, played on the computer, tried to distract myself but the need for a velvet hoodie just got stronger and stronger. Finally at 10 am I found myself going through change boxes to see if I could scrap together enough paper cash to afford the construction materails. I would need about twenty bucks all together to buy the fabric and the zipper I would need for the hoodie and at least six for cab fare to and from. Although worse case I was willing to walk.

I start turning out change and boxes and was working my way towards twelve bucks. I went through coat pockets and pant pockets and finally started going through bags. My Emily Strange bag was slung over a door jam and she seemed to call at me, almost like winking at me, so I walked over to Emily and started to rummage through the bag to no avail. The large part of the bag was empty. I unzipped the side zipper and started to fumble around in the pocket and nothing.

Then my hands slipped through a hole into the pocket, into some secret hidden space where it had not been before and there I suddenly felt my hand closing around a wad of cash. It felt big, I yelled jackpot and pulled out my hand. I had one of those moments where I was afraid to open my eyes because I wasn't sure how much I had and was hopeful that it was at least the other ten dollars I would need. Finally I willed my eyes open and then my hand and happily discovered that I had indeed hit the jackpot. I found $50 bucks. Yes.

With Emily's blessing in hand I skipped out the door to the market. Not only did I land the fabric and materials for the velvet hoodie that I desperately need to have, I also picked up some extra sewing supplies, a piece of black knit for a nice pullover, and a beautiful piece of printed knit that will get made into another sweater later. But for now at least I can wrap myself up in the velvet hoodie blessed by Emily Strange.

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Hotter Than... said...

God bless Emily!

I love it when those things happen. It just gives your day an amazing lift.