Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First the Line Up

Just too much coolness to describe it all at the moment. On day one I saw about ten acts total but failed to get pictures of Michael Gira who was good but damned if not a little depressing.

Hunter Dienna had the most amazing voice and a beautiful physical presence at eleven on the blustery morning on the island.

Then there was one of the top bands I was looking forward to seeing, Bridezilla!

Afrirampo, two Japanese girls who rock like you wouldn't believe. And the stories I've to tell about them.

I then caught Michael Gira who was just before Psarandoinis, a Greek lyre trio. Who can help but wanting to see a Greek lyre trio? Generally if I have even the remotest option to see Greeks I fall all over myself to do it. Especially if they have either togos or lyres.

Following this I took in some of Spiritualized but was not really impressed with his live show. Which is odd, usually you like the band the live show it better but his was really quite disappointing.

However, the Saints more than made up for it with their live set. Drinking out of the full bottle of Absolut and all!

Following that of course we had the most unbelievable live act, sex god, musician on the planet and I was front and slightly to the right for the whole thing. No one in front of me but a barrier and everything else was just Nick Cave!

Afterwords instead of melting into a puddle of go I thought I'd try to go check out the Fuck Buttons but with so many people I figured what the hell and skipped that to head over and catch Sounds of Seduction a DJ spinning a rave in the old refinery. He was fun and he had Go Go Dancers!

Stories to follow, I have a few.

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GeologyJoe said...

looks like it was a great show(s).