Saturday, January 03, 2009

In the Hood

It took me about an hour and a half to put this together form start to finish.

The velvet is a nice crushed feel to it, a little thin and slightly tinted purple, but I was very pleased with the find. The hood is large and has a lot of drape. I wanted drama.

I used a basic button up blouse pattern as the base for this as I did not have a hoodie pattern.

The sleeves were free thrown as was the hood. I had the idea in my head and really just need a basic pattern to get the size right.
It has a long zipper in the front.

The zipper is roughly twenty-five inches long.
What I like about the zipper is that it has little crystals embedded all the way up and down adding a very interesting detail to the front and sparkles all the way which works perfectly on velvet.

And of course, the whole thing was approved by Emily Strange.


karmologyclinic said...

there's a nice hoodie to wrap around you. I especially like the zipper detail.
oh, and you are fast!

Saradevil said...

Yeah, the crystal zipper they have at the market is just so cool. I've been seeing them for years but could never for the life of me think what to make with it until the hoodie popped into my mind.

I am pretty fast. I can put together a piece from cut to finish in an hour and fortyfive on a good day. Since making the hoodie I've already finished a button down blouse. I sew constantly. If I actually started posting all the sewing I do people would get seriously bored. I'm a once or thrice a weeker sometimes.

Thanks for the kudos.