Thursday, January 22, 2009

Second Day Line Up

There was no way I could have seen everything I wanted to see the first day. However I also knew before I even got to the concert there was a good chance I was going to be seriously infirm by the second day. And indeed, this prediction did turn out to be correct. As I am a music junkie I went out of my way on the first day to not only catch the shows I wanted to see but to be front and center for the shows during the day.

This means I spent all of Saturday from ten in the morning til one in the evening on my feet. And in some cases, or at least at the rave, dancing my pretty little ass off. When you have a weak ankle this is not the best of ideas. In fact when you have a weak ankle doing things like being on your feet all day at a concert or climbing the Great Wall are phenomenally bad ideas.

And yet this doesn't stop me.

So on the second day I still had bands I wanted to see though slightly fewer. I decided to be less a music junkie and take it a tad easier.

So for Beaches I was on the grass and did not get the best picture, but what a great band they were.

Then of course after beaches I worked my way hobbling back over to the main stage to catch Dead Meadow which I'd heard a bit of the previous afternoon but really wanted to catch the show. I'd never heard of these guys and they were a late addition to the bill but I was absolutely blown away. Enough to pick up their new album.

After that I hung around to see the Laughing Clowns a popular 80's gothy type band that was coming together to preform with the original line up. And they were lovely and dark and amazing. The sound reminds me so much of Nick Cave but with a twist of Joy Division. Happiness.

After this I actually found some shade and just hung out near the main stage until Nick was back. So I listened to the whole Spiritualized show and confirmed that it was just not a great act. Caught the Saints again because I could and because they just don't tour that often, and this put me in the back on the beautiful lawn next to the harbor for Nick's second nights performance. Which was again worth it. And this time he played "Jesus of the Moon" which he had not done the night before. And a triple encore. I listened, and danced, and swayed, and enjoyed the open sky and stars. 

Afterwords I went over to catch the Fuck Buttons full show. The name may put you off but after a Nick Cave concert has finished nothing is more beautiful on a starry night than walking over to hear the crystal charm of "Sweet Love for Planet Earth". You could not pick a more perfect act to follow Nick Cave.

After this more chilling and dancing continued until I got kicked off the island. More on the stories soon.

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John C said... kicked off the island? Bad Devil, baaaaad. lol Glad you had a good time with the shows. :)