Monday, January 26, 2009

Yeah, I got Kicked Off...

Sunday was a wholly different beast after the pummeling I had done to myself the day before with the wandering too and fro. I woke up around seven a.m. and after ten minutes of debating with my headache, backache, and ankle ache, I decided I wasn't going for day two. Then I woke up again at eight and decided I was going. Then I woke at eight-thirty and decided I wasn't. Then I got out of bed at nine, soaked in the tub for about twenty minutes and decided I was going and got ready to go.

I thought about walking but after two minutes of walking I realized that was a bad idea. It was ten-forty and I figured I could get breakfast in one of the myriad restaurants on the wharf. Alas what I discovered when I went to the wharf was that most of the restaurants did not start serving until noon. After walking around for about five minutes trying to find a place I finally gave up and walked back to the one cafe that seemed to have people sitting in it. The very nice waitress happily came by to ask me what I wanted to drink.

"Coffee, lots of it, hot, and in big amounts."

"What kind of coffee?" God I hate the Starbucks era. Obviously as much as I just wanted a bottomless cup of coffee I was still not in Chicago.

"Coffee coffee."

"Would you like a long black, a tall short, a full white, a half dark..." She continues with various selections and I'm completely flummoxed about what any of these mean or if they are related to coffee. Finally I stopped her and asked if they had espresso.

"Sure, you what a long pull, a short pull, a shot, or a double."

"Uh, huh. Can I get a double shot and a glass of water?" She cheerily brings me these things and sit grumpily with my swelling ankle and try to pretend I'm happy tourist which is not working out so well. I drink about two thirds of the coffee then dump in the double shot making what amounts to a cold cup of coffee which I then quickly destroy.

I order a second round of coffee and then work my way down to the lineup for the ferry boat. I'd missed my original boat time but since there were only about fifteen people at the wharf they put me on the boat without any trouble. I sat towards the front to enjoy the view and the breeze and the sun. Several people walked past but then one turned around and walked back to sit next to me. This turned out to be J who was coming not to see Nick but to see the Laughing Clowns and the Saints. We chatted each other up on the twenty minute ride out and parted ways on the island figuring that we might run into each other again at the Clowns since that was on my Sunday list.

Once on the island I took in Beaches which was lovely, sitting on the lawn with all the people, watching the skin head punks dance around to the music. The sun was shining bright and I dug through my bag looking for the sunscreen and discovered to my dismay that I did not have it. I figured I had put some on in the a.m. so I should be okay and would just have to keep an eye on it. I walked back over to take in Dead Meadow and was suddenly stopped when I heard my name. I turned around to discovered J hanging out in the shade. Since I knew who I was there to listen to and he did not he joined me for the Dead Meadow show which was just amazing. The sweet sixties reverb sound blended with grunge sensibility just worked so well.

The rest of the day J and I spent hanging out, meeting new people as the day was more relaxed and people seemed more inclined to talk to each other than on Saturday. In the end the sun got to be too much and I ended up moving towards the shade in the back by the bar. Alas I did not move before I ended up with pretty nasty sunburn on my nose and my hair part. Poor J fared worse being a pale red head with no sunscreen he looked to be glow in the dark red before the sun was ready to go down.

Since it was still a while til the Saints J joined in and we spent the rest of the afternoon taking turns buying each other drinks and watching the bags. It was nice and mellow. When the Saints started up I watched the bags so J could rush the stage as I was more than happy to sit away from the sun and just listen. Nick was after the Saints so I moved the bags over to to a nice square bench where eventually J managed to find me after only momentarily worrying that I had run off with all the stuff.

As the night fell down around us Nick came on. The audience was less crowded and still swaying beautifully. The sound was exquisite. In the bay the boats bobbed up and down, freeloaders coming out to enjoy the show. I laid about on the bench as the sun set and watched the stars come out on the moonless night with the sounds of Nick drifting gently on the breeze. Eventually I'd had enough wine to stop feeling how badly my ankle hurt and I got up to dance and sway and sing along to the music as it played until it was finally finished.

Since we were still hanging J was curious about the Fuck Buttons after who much I had talked them up, so we wandered over together for the show. The music was glittering and beautiful and only about forty or so people were out to watch. So we all danced together, the pretty punks, and the goth girls, and the hippies, and the piercers, and hip hop all stars.

As the show was winding down I had the bags. J and I wandered back over to listen to one of the DJ's back around where we had listened to Nick Cave. Security was wandering the island at this point as it was close to midnight. The ferry was to run until after one to get everyone out after the end of the rave that was going on. J took off to find a bathroom and I had all the stuff, I laid down in the grass because it was cool and I wanted to watch the stars which were so pretty in the dark night sky. I was rather enjoying it until suddenly I had a large flashlight in my face.

"Are you Sara?"

Well this is new, I thought. "Yes, I'm Sara."

"You have to leave now."

"Um, why?"

"Look, your boyfriend is taking off so you might as well go. He told us to come get you."

"Uh huh. I don't have a boyfriend."

"He's on the boat."

"Wait, you mean J? He went to the bathroom."

"No, he wanted to leave, he's on the boat."

"Look, he's ditching you and the boat is leaving in five minutes so you have to go." says security number 2.

"But, it's only midnight."

"Yeah, and you need to go."

"But I don't want to go."

"Well, look the guy is leaving you you have to go now."

I'm annoyed at this point and want to be combative. But then I remember that these guys have been paid all weekend to work with a lot of loud music they have never heard of, goths, punks, rockers, and queers, and after two days and sun they might not be the best people to argue with.

"Yeah, okay, just give me a second I have to get all my stuff."

"No, you have to go."

"No, look, see that pile, that's my bag I have to get my bag."

They discuss this between each other and finally decide I can go back and get the bags and then they take me gently but firmly by the arm and lead me towards the ferry. I don't see J anywhere but I get on and eventually find him upstairs.

"Oh, thank goodness you made it they wouldn't let me go back."

"They said you were leaving and you told them to come get me."

"No, they told me I was leaving and I told them I had to go get my friend and my stuff but they shuffled me onto the boat."

We laughed and were amused about it and did the final bag sort of the evening before finally getting off the boat where a cab was grabbed, hotels were arrived at, and finally I crashed hard and slept.

The next morning as I emptied out my bag and started to go through everything I found two things that annoyed. The first was J's mp3 player. The second was the sunscreen.


Since my contact info is easy to remember I have a habit of giving it out without getting contact info in return. So J if you are out there and reading email me so I can send the MP3 player your way.

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