Friday, April 03, 2009

Bright and Sunny Day

Because of the weather conditions it is almost certain that North Korea will launch sometime today. I'll be in a presentation for most of the afternoon. It hasn't stopped me from worrying.

At last check the rocket is pretty much ready to launch. What can I do? I go on, I live, and try not to hold my breath about it. I keep wondering why today's launch has me so worked up. I've been through these before, so why worry now?

I think it is because this may well be the last rocket I will live through on the rock. I'm worried that after all these years something will finally go wrong.

Hopefully the worst that happens today is that I fall on my face during the presentation. I'd rather that be the only catastrophe today.


David said...

I am watching this story closely here over the next few hours. Not sure if anything is going to happen today but if the weather is good there than the launch could happen. I do miss Korea in the spring that is for sure. I have only been back in Canada for like 3 weeks and already miss it

Saradevil said...

To be honest you aren't missing that much. This spring has been insanely cold for some reason. But the cherry blossoms are beautiful I will admit.