Sunday, April 12, 2009

Winter Lingers

Winter lingered on here much longer than usual. Well into mid-April we still had freezing temperatures.

It did not stop the Cheery Trees from blossoming in the park. The park is lined with cheery cheer trees that sit numb and brown and dead all winter, waiting for that just cool period of early spring where they can blossom out. I can imagine the fragile little buds there, waiting to explode pink early into the chilly pre-spring mornings.

As March turned into April the little pink and white buds exploded outwards, lighting up all the dull avenues of Korea with pink and white. Nothing green blooms yet, just the pink and white. It is almost spring. There is an almost silent moment of pre-fabricated enjoyment. The time betwixt when one waits for the elemental masters to turn on the light weather what will bring summer calling. The blossoms unfurl on those cold morning, snow drops on the trees overhead. Pass under them and feel the strange space that is both winter and spring simultaneously. And the blossoms will tell you when winter is fully over and spring is fully sprung.

So it was that last week I noticed that spring came to Korea. There was a small shift in the weather, and up-tick of the warmth to cold ratio but this was not the true indicator of the fast falling spring. What we have instead is the cherry snow. The small petals falling off the cherry trees for a period of six days when the whether is no longer frozen at night. Only during this time, that transition as it starts to warm, thats when the snow falls.

It's a pink snow, it coats the ground. It is light and romantic, it is new found warmth, the falling press of warm weather, the hopes and dreams for green, fresh, beauty, wonder, happy, soulful spring. The ground is covered in the soft fragrant snow accented by the blooming of lilac all around. The air is awash in pink and purple scents as the ground is covered in pink and white blossoms.

I revel in the loveliness that lasts only a moment, passing quickly into the torrid, pressing, dark and pulsating demands of the coming summer.

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