Monday, May 18, 2009

Pre-Movie Theater

Setting: In a bar with a pool table. Me and small group hanging out before seeing a movie.
Characters: The Irish, Me (we will call me the Devil) the Girl (object of amusement) extra (mostly just watching the action she was).

The Devil: Yes, well the last time I ran into my ex-girlfriend it was very uncomfortable. I mean, I ended up making out with her for like an hour.

The Irish: Yes. I can see how that was a problem.

The Devil: It was a problem.

The Irish (to the Girl): She was totally flirting with me too.

The Devil: Who?

The Irish: Your Ex.

The Devil: She was not!

The Irish: She was too.

The Devil: As I recall she spent most of the time you were there with her tongue down my throat. Maybe I missed something and the nature of flirting has changed recently to two girls making out in which case (to the Girl), let's go.

The Irish: (chokes on his beer laughing until he turns red. Others worried he might die.)

The Girl: (looks at me incredulously and finally smiles with awkwardness.)

The Devil (to the girl): (Cheshire, making out with girls, Grin.)


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