Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Meanwhile, back In Korea

Certainly one would think after moving everything that they own to another country that the intention is to stay in the country where all the stuff is at for a while. Sadly, I've never been one fore the easy out, so a little less then two weeks after I unpacked all my things from boxes I was back on a plane for South Korea for a training session that I had been booked for, and basically to float about the country doing the things I do that I will hopefully be doing more of to make money.

The Irish, for his part, has been an accommodating host since I have basically been living in his den on and off since December. Fortunately I've managed to not make him feel like choking me to death yet, though I do think it may have been close a few times. Luckily before anything came to a real head in his apartment I had my own place sorta opening up.

Now here is the thing, I think as I sit and type from my new place in Daejon, I'd really rather be sleeping on a couch at the Irish's casa than sleeping in a city I'm unfamiliar with. I think part of my issue with Korea at the moment is just that I'm really quite happy with my fair city of Daegu and could easily see living there another year or seven before I got thoroughly sick of it. This however is not a tenable plan for the future and I have to think about the future, at some point, and how all this overseas living is going to work out for when I'm fifty. I'm not the elder North American gentleman on the Asian Bar Girl Retirement Program. While I may not have much to hold me to the U.S. I do have something. And while the ABGRP may offer several nice amenities, a visa for the country, a family, someone completely committed to you as long as you bring home money, a bar, alcohol, I'm pretty sure the marriage laws in South Korea or beyond will keep me from being able to apply anyway.

With this in mind I've started to plot and plan. The major plot and plan for this year is that at least through August I have no firm plans. Around the time of August I will begin to consider potential plans that may be feasible for me which may include another short stint in Korea. Right now that major plan is finishing up a license I started, writing several books, and getting my name on my publications for the first time. This seems like a good plan. This is also a plan that may have me living out of the suitcase a while longer.

I sat down and thought about it last night and I realized I've been living out of a suitcase since December 15th. Oddly, I'm not upset about it yet, but there is a personal affect, perhaps from so much packed up living. I am less material, I miss my things more. I am more self reliant, I hate having to buy anything. I don't mind being holed up in a room in a no name place, I miss my bar.

It's all conflict, but then, really, there is little conflict and mostly resolution. At least I have to much traveling around to do to actually get bored with anything. That's something that will keep me solidly grounded in the now.

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