Monday, March 15, 2010

Working Working Working

On the weekend in the bar it was very much a girls' night out. Or at least a girls' night out in the way that all the girls in the bar seemed to keep ending up in the bathroom together and what exactly we were doing in the bathroom was very much on the minds of all the boys in the bar. Granted, we shall never really let anyone in on whatever it was we were up to, aside from maybe somewhere there is photographic evidence. This is all fun and games. This is life, in some ways, being lived for the sake of living, and I approve.

It had, however, gotten to the point in the evening where I definitely was getting too old and was going to have to retire early. It was also getting to that point for others that are older, and more married, and with more children, then me. One, a nice gentleman I had not met before, steps up to me as he is working his way to the door. We talk for a few seconds and he tries to impress me with his CV, not knowing how impressive mine is. After five minutes of back and forth where we independently stroke our egos he asks me what my plans are. I tell him.

"I'm leaving."

"The bar?"

"No, Korea. I'm on my way home."

"You want my advice? My honest opinion?"

I'm wondering what part of the honest opinion will involve getting in my pants. As Buddy Guy would caution me, you can't just give that away...

"All right, what is your honest opinion?"

"Look, you are obviously as qualified, if not more qualified, than I am. And I went home last year. I looked for a job for five months, and finally found one. And what I figured out really quickly was that it was not a job I could ever like. And here I am. You want my advice, stay here another year because it's not getting any better back home."

He leaves on that note, to his apartment, and I finish my drink in a shot and try not to think about the future. The girls drag me back into the bathroom, and we have life, and living, and the silly things girls do in bathrooms which will always make the boys jealous. And I wonder about next year, I wonder...

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