Saturday, May 01, 2010

Coachella: The Pre Game

Having been convinced by the Actress I decided that even though I was not sure I could afford it, and was really not sure I could even time it, I was going to try and make Coachella. I like music, I like music festivals, and it seemed like a nice way to catch up on a bunch of bands I haven't seen in concert that would be fun to see in concert.

So I bought a ticket, figured out a flight, and managed to land myself in the U.S. in time to go to a big ole party in a desert. As with most things, though, this was destined to have some hiccups. In the end it included traffic jams, drugs, flashers, loud music, crush, and hitchhiking. This is what I call a good time. This is also fairly typical of how things tend to work out in my life.

On Wednesday night I get a call from the Actress to confirm that I am flying out, that my bags are packed, and that my ticket is ready. I told her it was and confirmed things for the flight. She asked me about when I was leaving on Monday morning afte the concert, and I tolde her that on Monday I'd be heading out in the moring.

Enter snafu number one.

"You're leaving on Monday morning?"

"Yeah, is that a problem?"

"Kinda, we are not going to get back to the airport until something like 1:00 when all our flights are going to take off."



This resulted in my calling the airline to see if I could book another ticket and get a flight out at a different time on Monday at short notice. The helpful person on the service line gave me all kinds of false hope when it came to booking the ticket and what I was going to do to get a flight out.

"Let's see, she said, I made all those changes and with the extra fee that is going to cost you..."

She pauses. I sorta figured it was going to be a couple of hundred dollars, but I was willing to deal with that to get back.

"And, yes, with all those changes it will be $1,200 dollars to change the ticket."

"Excuse me what?" I start looking around for moving cameras and a director because I wasn't really sure when I entered the bad comedy movie where that is every funny.

"Yes, $1,200 dollars."

"I'll get back to you."

Now knowing that I would have to hitchhike I called the Actress back and let her know. She asked me about my packing arrangements and I explained that I had a backpack and a bad attitude and that was about it.

"You don't have a sleeping bag?"

"Not at the moment."

"You need to get a sleeping bag. Groovy, see you tomorrow."


I asked Young Kubrick if he had a sleeping bag and sure enough he did, so that settled my sleeping arrangements for the night and from there it was just a matter of trying to get some sleep, not freak out and get ready to get myself to the airport at some insane ass hour in the morning for the fight to LAX. Sleep did not happen.

Freaking out did.

And on Thursday morning I flew to LAX to meet the Actress and the Model in time for lunch with actors and directors and just the general driving about that one can do in L.A.

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