Monday, August 16, 2010

My Solo Chicago Music Festival


After New York I needed to remember why I loved Chicago. For this I decided that I need music. What good is being in Chicago without music? Granted there is also food, and eating occurred (as did couch surfing, great conversations and traveling randomly on public transit), but then there was the music, sweet music.

In all I got to see a grand total of five great bands live by myself.

There was first Mountain Band, a trio of girls singing a cappella. Lovely with an ancient feel. The band was part of a triple header, the second band was Twin Sister. A lively little band with a dancing, jumping cutie wrangling the vocals. It was poppy and fun.

Then the main act. Bear in Heaven. The vibrations in the room made this particular band beyond good. This band was damned near transcendent, orgasmic, rapturous. It boarded on being better than sex and out-of-this-world good. The set could have been three hours and I would not have
been bored.

When I went to see Bear in Heaven I read on the theater banner that Tapes n Tapes would be playing hardly five days later. I had never really hoped to see Tapes n Tapes live. They haven’t had a new album out since 2008. Hang Them All practically defined my life for an entire year. As soon as I got home, I had tickets to go see them.

Then I found out Heartless Bastards would also be playing in Chicago. With the Builders and the Butchers. This is a lineup that would make any hardcore music listener like me willing to kill. So I got tickets for that too. Tapes n Tapes offered the opportunity for Unicycle Loves Me, a fun band, with yet another gorgeous guitarist who really knew how to wail. Fantastic little duo.

The main act was transcendent, again. I sang along to every song. My throat was sore by the end of the show.

On the night of the Bastards I combined life with food. (Hence the prior story.) I got to the theater in time for the Builder's opening set. They're one highly energetic band, that came complete with fans who bring toys. The energy they had on stage is what I want to bring to my life. They live and
breathe music.

Heartless Bastards is hard to describe. She has a voice that fills a room over and over again. Fills the mind, fills the soul. I shook and tumbled and sang along again, by the end of the show my throat was burning and my head was swimming. The finale included a gigantic mash-up of HB, The B&B and,
Peter Wolf Crier, who I had missed.

All in all, the solo musical tour of Chicago reminded me very much why I love the freaking city so much.

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