Friday, April 08, 2011

Closing on Roommate

Roommate finished with a song I recognized and then sadly left the stage. I enjoyed them far too much to want to watch them leave, but at that point figured it was time to get my drink on and enjoy myself at the Bottle before the Algernon show that was coming up next. In the meantime I had been texting with the Force and waiting for her to arrive on the scene. The Empty Bottle has all the subtly of a neighborhood bar, while taking at that sort of graffiti-tattooed dive bar look that makes it a fun place to take a picture or seven.

The phone tells me that while I wouldn't get the Force, Breezy is planning on heading over to meet me. I'd missed the Chicago set since they left Korea, so it amuses me to be able to actually spend time with them in Chicago. I tell her I’m still at the Bottle and warn her that the last band is really not as fantastic as Roommate. Nothing I did, however, seemed to convince any of my friends that Roommate really was the band to see while the chance was had. Some days it is just a bit easier to give up.

I enjoyed some wine and waited for Breezy while just generally wandering around the bar. She walked in sporting nice boys with her and we hugged and laughed and ordered drinks at each other. As we were talking someone explained to us that we had just missed the tamale guy. I was confused about the tamale guy.

“The tamale guy; five tamales for five dollars. It’s fantastic,” she tells me.

“What kind of tamales?”

“Chicken, pork, and cheese.”

“I actually could eat a little. Mmmm, tamales.” But tamale guy had come and gone. We spent some time catching up when I realized that sitting behind me was Kent from Roommate. I admit to some things as a music lover. One I suck with being able to name everyone in a band the way others can. Two, I love music but what I love about music is not often defined in the clipped music magazine reporter's tone. Three, I am not willing to beg a singer to take a picture with me, because I think it is silly. Four, I am automatically in love with lead singers, and would do many things to hear them talk at all.

The fact that a lead singer was sitting behind me and talking was not lost on me. I was standing to talk to Breezy when he caught my eye and asked if I had gotten my card for the free CD.

“I did, thank you.”

He asked me what I thought of the show. My desire to run screaming from the conversation was on high. How can I talk about something so magic and wonderful without sounding like a disgusting fan girl?

I lost the battle and went fan girl. I explained that I loved the music and I tried to get friends to come. He asked if I had been to the website.

And then we discussed the website. I’m a consultant. I can’t help it I consult. So I offered some advice from my own experience with web marketing for ways to streamline the site to make it easier to find music. I’d suggested Roommate to several people, but at least two had told me that had trouble finding the music on the site. Kent agreed he wanted to improve and would work on making it easier to get the music off of Bandcamp. I offered him my card, we talked for a few more minutes, and finally, I turned off my fan girl and let him go.

I felt horribly embarrassed about it, but I figure since he asked I might as well tell him what I really thought of the website.

Later, tamale guy returned and I did succumb and buy a set of cheese tamales, before finally deciding that the Force was not going to be with me and heading back to the Bard's couch in the park.

Roommate, sweet dear gods Roommate.

If you have yet, go listen, it is worth it, every single note.

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gryffan said...

i remember at one of my old jobs there was a Nicaraguan guy that would share the tamale's his girl friend made. i got soooooo spoiled. also i see what you mean about Kent's voice. it's kinda magical.