Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Upon waking from my Zola Jesus hangover I looked at my schedule to try to decide what was next for me. I knew there were a lot of things going on that Saturday, and was also quite sure I would be able to achieve very little on the Saturday being 1) hung over all to hell, and 2) quadruple booked. With four things going on in the city all on the same night I knew realistically that something would have to give.

The morning started with the Bard and I running about to do some shopping. Originally we intended to do this shopping and get lunch. Using her Compromised Box of Knowledge (Steve Jobs compromises everything) we were informed that there would be a Chinese place somewhere in the general vicinity of where we wanted to go. An hour of driving around in circles later we were forced to conclude that such a place did not exist, or had gone out of business and settled for Falafel Shack before completing our shopping fete. The Bard had dinner plans with the Balance, so I was mostly on my own for the evening.

Once back at her place I began to research the actual options for my night. To do this I used Google Maps.

The thing about Korea is I can get in a cab and cover the whole of the city in Daegu in one night mostly by walking.

The thing in Chicago is that I am at the mercy of public transit as I know that cabs will be costly.

Once plotting the location of the first three events of the evening, though, I knew that a choice had been made. All three events were somewhere on Milwaukee Ave. All three events were within two miles of each other. Each of three events were starting in such a staggered time that I could potentially leave one, go to another, and go to the third without any real difficulty.

It seemed that the choice was clear. I was going to do not one, not two, but all three things that were happening that night in Chicago.

In order I wanted to accomplish:

MoFest: 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

MoFest, at the historical Portage Theater on Milwaukee Ave., is a consortium of people in the Chicago movie industry coming together to show short films throughout the weekend. The festival would run two days and include over thirty films, an art gallery of local work, and a buffet and wine/beer bar for the cost of admission.

We Burn II Art Gallery Closing: 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

We Burn is part of the local Chicago Burner community and supports art and artist in the city. The We Burn gallery was a collection from Burner artists that included various mediums of art: film, pottery, urban chaos, physicality.

Firewater Lounge We Burn Afterparty: 10:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m.

The Firewater Lounge is run by a group of interested Burners. Can pop up anywhere in the city (or at least anywhere they choose to pop up) includes support of Burners through art, music, and the selling of homemade bacon. They also produce their own firewater, and work with a local consortium of wine makers.

I figured I could hit MoFest first, to support my lovely actress friend, move from there to the art gallery closing to support Burner-friend art, and from the gallery closing, accompany Burners to the Firewater, to finalize drinking and being generally merry.

Since there was a $25 cover for MoFest, I figured I’d eat dinner there so I didn’t feel so bad about the cost. That and get as liquored up as humanly possible to keep me good through the rest of the evening so I could save on the funds I would need to get the on cab I would take, first from MoFest to the Gallery, and then split a cab from the Gallery to the Firewater. With luck my friends going to Firewater would also take me home, but without luck I would be willing to (worst-case scenario), grab a cab back uptown. (I’m not a fan of public transit at three in the morning.)

This decided, it was time to find out if I could even get into MoFest, since I hadn’t purchased an advance ticket. However a phone call assured me that I would be fine. As I prepared for my departure Young Kubrick inquired what exactly I'd be up to that evening.

Then it hit me.

Young Kubrick.

Movie Festival.

Young Kubrick.

Movie Festival.

I slapped my head as the realization finally came to me that Young Kubrick would probably find a move festival quite useful. I explained to him what MoFest was all about and asked him if he would like to at least accompany me on that round of the evening. I explained my night of three, and assured him that I would not ditch him at the movies and he was welcome to stay with me as long as he could stay up. Since his plans that evening had mostly been to stay up all night and play video games with Tino, he was happily in.

We both showered, changed, critiqued each other's outfits, and fed the dog before going out the door. Tino, who had carefully planned to be playing video games all night with Young Kubrick, judged us as we walked out. We said goodbye to the dog.

He was not amused.


Doc Merrkin said...

Your blogs often make me painfully aware of how culturally deprived I am, not to mention how downright ignorant I am. Maybe I'm just old...

Saradevil said...

I don't know the first thing about installing a lightening system or riding a motorcycle. We just have different intelligence strengths.