Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Free Music and the Chicago Music Festival I made for me

I’ve been doing my own music festival in Chicago since I got back. Gods how I do love live music. There is nothing about live music that I do not love. I really enjoy going to large concert festivals, Coachella last year was over the moon amazing, but I also enjoy being able to go into a show and enjoy a band that I know I desperately want to see.

So far I have been able to see some very amazing smaller Chicago bands that everyone should know about. Let me take a moment to promote them.

First up, one I could barely contain myself with joy about seeing is The Suns. Great small-town Chicago band. I was very pumped about the show. Sadly did not get the greatest pictures, which is another story. However they were on with a big group of other shows that I got to see.

The Field Auxiliary played first that night. Lovely mellow sound all around, well-organized music. It was easy to let yourself go while listening, which I always enjoy. People should really check them out. One free from the Field, and definitely worth it! 1 free track! http://thefieldauxiliary.bandcamp.com/

After Field was the Mutts. I wasn’t sure if I was terribly into the Mutts. Their free album (yes, free, go get it) was not my taste. More rock and bluse-y then I tend to enjoy. However, their live show is fucking fantastic (really the only words to describe it). Free music, people. Free, favorite price. Go check them out.
Free Free Mutts! http://download.muttsmusic.com/

The Mutts
The Mutts were followed by Bailiff. I had only listened to one of their songs and wasn’t sure what to expect. What I did not expect was the smoothest voice this side of the Mississippi. Every single song was beautiful, slow, and wonderfully constructed. I was blown away with how good the lead singer was, and the band worked together genius to make great music. They sadly do not have free music but you can listen to them for free online. http://www.myspace.com/bailiffmusic I really wish they had free music.

Finally, the Suns. Oh the Suns. I was so happy I got to see them. I chatted up one of the two drummers at the merch table for a while and thanked him for having not one, but both albums available for free! (Did we say free music? Go get them!) They have a new album coming out this fall and I already can’t wait. The live show was amazingly beyond what I expected and at the same time fell a little short of the genius on the albums. I believe this is mostly because of the venue, which was small and did not allow for the sound to travel. The band builds these walls of sound that are reminiscent of the Smashing Pumpkins, but the music is in no way like the Pumpkins. They are truly their own people. I wish I had better pictures of the band, but I can refer you to their two free albums!

Go get!
2 free albums! http://www.sunsband.com/download/
The Suns

This is round one of my music tour. I have also seen and will discuss in next blog my experience with Roommate, The RAA, and the sudden and unexpected musical discovery.

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